How to Knit Slipped Stitch Stripes

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Duration: 5:01

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Slipped stitch stripes are a great addition to your knitting project. In this video, Corrina Ferguson will take you through the steps of knitting a beautiful slipped stitch stripe pattern.

There are many ways to knit slipped stitch stripes, and Corrina shares how to work a simple 2-color stripe, which you can find in her slipped stitch and lace shawl pattern. For this slipped stitch pattern, all the stitches are slipped purlwise from the left needle to the right needle. Stitches are then worked in either knits on the right side or purls on the wrong side to create the overall pattern. The stitch pattern shown has one stripe worked over four rows and the other stripe worked over two rows.


The video reviews a few tips for working slipped stitch patterns.

– When working a slipped stitch pattern, you need to have a row that will anchor the slipped stitches. If too many rows are worked where the stitch continues to be slipped, it will cause puckering of the fabric.

– Corrina also reviews what it means to slip the yarn in the front or in the back of the work.

– She shares tips for carrying the unused yarn along the side of project, making it easier to weave in the ends later.