• 6:01

    Knit an Interesting Striped Pattern Using Knit Below Stitches

    Knit one below stitches can be used to create a variety of decorative stitch patterns. In this video, knitting expert Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to knit an interesting striped pattern using knit below stitches. Two colors of yarn are needed to complete this stitch pattern, which is sometimes known as the Garland Stitch. Corrina is…

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  • 3:22

    Knit the Rosary Stitch

    The Rosary Stitch is a common lace stitch pattern that is widely used in shawls and sweaters. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates the key steps to working this beautiful stitch pattern. Some knitting patterns may refer to the rosary stitch as a leaf lace stitch pattern. No matter what it’s called, it creates a…

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  • 9:43

    Little Arrowhead Lace Stitch Pattern

    The Little Arrowhead Lace stitch pattern is a popular lace stitch pattern that is fun and easy to knit for beginning lace knitters and experienced lace knitters alike. In this video, Jen Lucas walks you through how to knit this stunning stitch pattern. LITTLE ARROWHEAD LACE The stitch pattern is worked over a multiple of…

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  • 9:26

    Little Fountain Pattern

    The Little Fountain stitch pattern is a small lace stitch pattern that is worked over 4 rows. In this video, knitting expert Jen Lucas explains how to work this stitch pattern. To begin, Jen shows a completed swatch of the Little Fountain stitch pattern. She notes that this stitch pattern is interesting because the increases…

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  • 4:57

    Mosaic Knitting: An Overview

    Mosaic Knitting is a fun slipped stitch technique that can be used in any project, from baby hats and blankets to sweaters and socks. In this video, Mary Beth Temple gives a brief overview of this technique to get you started on your mosaic knitting journey. This technique was first created by Barbara Walker in…

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  • 12:55

    One-Color Brioche Knitting in Rows

    Brioche knitting is a popular technique and one that is fun to knit. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates Brioche basics by knitting one-color Brioche in rows. CAST ON LOOSELY To start a Brioche project, it’s important that the cast on is very loose. Mary Beth suggests casting onto a knitting needle that is…

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  • 16:12

    Owl Cable Stitch Pattern

    The Owl Cable is a popular motif used on top-down sweaters, hats, knitting baby items, and more. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work the Owl Cable stitch pattern. Jen begins by noting that there are several variations of the Owl Cable, and she is working a common one that is used in…

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  • 7:06

    Slipped Stitch Cable Basics

    Cables and slipped stitches are fun techniques to use in your knitting projects. You can combine these two techniques to create beautiful, slipped-stitch cables. In this video, Corrina Ferguson discusses the basics of slipped stitch cables. To begin, Corrina works the slipped stitch cable pattern on a Right-Side row and a Wrong-Side row. On the…

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  • 7:23

    Syncopated Brioche

    If you are familiar with Brioche knitting, you’ll want to give Syncopated Brioche a try. This technique of Brioche knitting is simply switching the brioche knit (BrK) stitches to brioche purl (BrP) stitches and vice versa. This creates an interesting effect in the fabric and can be used to create all kinds of designs and…

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