• TKC LIVE! September 2021

    Join Mary Beth Temple and Jen Lucas in another TKC LIVE while they look at our community members’ projects and answer their questions! Grab a free pattern from our TKC Free Knitting Patterns page right now!

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  • 48:45

    TKC LIVE! August 2021

    Welcome back to the TKC LIVE series! Jen Lucas and Michele Lee Bernstein took time to look at a few knitting projects from our knitting community’s Photo Gallery. Then went on to answer LIVE viewer questions. Also, grab our free pattern for a Chunky Broken Rib Cowl Pattern!

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  • 58:05

    TKC LIVE! July 2021

    We have another The Knitting Circle Live event ready for you to watch! Jen Lucas answers all the live viewer questions about blocking, losing stitches and specific viewer questions. Grab our fun Summer Striped Dish Cloth pattern for free right here!

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  • 56:30

    TKC LIVE! June 2021

    During this TKC Live Q&A, Jen Lucas and Corinna Ferguson talk with the knitting community. They answer questions about steeking, color blending, and talked to the audience about how they got into knitting. Watch it now to see what our monthly Q&A’s are all about! Grab your Waffle Stitch Infinity Scarf Pattern right here!

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  • 53:42

    TKC GOLD: Textured Rib Hat

    Join Jen Lucas, managing editor of The Knitting Circle, for a TKC GOLD LIVE event. Jen teaches you how to knit a textured rib hat.

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  • 58:14

    TKC LIVE! May 2021

    Jen Lucas and another one of our amazing instructors, Mary Beth Temple met up for an hour of live discussion this beautiful May. Watch it through to get expert tips on stitches, custom pattern making, high end knitting, the return of trendy knits and much more! Also, grab our free download of the Chunky Broken…

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  • 48:15

    TKC GOLD: Adding a Lace Border to Your Knitting

    Join Jen Lucas, managing editor of The Knitting Circle, for our first TKC GOLD LIVE event. Jen teaches you how to add a lace border to your knitting projects.

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  • 1:02:25

    TKC LIVE! March 2021

    Rewatch our first ever The Knitting Circle LIVE Question and Answer event! This is an hour with your host, Jen Lucas, and special guest, Corrina Ferguson. The TKC community gathered on Thursday, March 25th to ask our experts questions and chat with them about knitting. They covered a bunch of great topics that you won’t…

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  • 1:01:26

    TKC LIVE! April 2021

    Join us for the second The Knitting Circle Live Q&A event. We have Jen Lucas joined by Michele Lee Bernstein. Michele gave us great insight into her knitting preferences of the moment, which include log cabin and small lace details! Check it out now to learn more about our wonderful instructors. Also, make sure you…

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