• 14:42

    Better Garter Tab Cast On for Crescent Shawls

    The garter tab cast on is a popular technique used to start top-down shawl patterns. In this video, shawl expert Michele Lee Bernstein explains her method of making a better garter tab when working a top-down crescent shawl. Michele begins by showing several crescent shawl swatches. She notes that in some cases, a small but…

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  • 6:38

    Beyond the Yarn Over: Interesting Increases

    Knowing how to increase your stitch count in knitting is an important skill. There are so many increases to learn, and in this video, Corrina Ferguson will demonstrate a few of the more interesting increases that you can incorporate into your knitting projects. DOUBLE INCREASES A double increase is worked by taking one stitch and…

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  • 3:27

    Bind Off in Pattern

    Occasionally you’ll come across a knitting pattern that contains the instructions “bind off in pattern.” In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work this pattern instruction. For many knitting projects, a knitwise bind off or a purlwise bind off can be used to finish the knitting. As Mary Beth points out, if you’ve…

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  • 9:48

    Blocking a Lace Shawl

    Once the knitting on a lace shawl is complete, you’ll likely want to block the piece to open the lace to fully show the beauty of the stitches. In this video, shawl expert Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how to wet block a lace shawl. Wet blocking is commonly used on items that were knit in…

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  • 8:08

    Blocking Blanket Squares

    Knitting several squares and seaming them together is a popular method for creating blankets. With different stitch patterns and yarns being used to create each square, properly blocking the blanket squares is an important step in completing this project. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to block blanket squares. BLOCKING TOOLS A few tools…

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  • 3:16

    Bramble Stitch

    The Bramble Stitch goes by many names – Trinity Stitch, Cluster Stitch, or Raspberry Stitch. No matter what you call it, it’s a beautiful, lacy pattern that’s perfect for shawls and lace scarves. In this video, Corrina Ferguson explains the stitches used in the Bramble Stitch. Corrina begins by showing a finished swatch of the…

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  • 5:03

    Broken Rib Stitch

    The Broken Rib stitch pattern is a simple two row stitch pattern that can be used in many different types of projects. In this video, Jen Lucas knits the broke rib stitch pattern back in forth in rows. Jen mentions that she particularly likes to use this stitch pattern for the edging on a baby…

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  • 4:43

    Butterfly Stitch

    Decorative stitches are fun to add to any project, but can be especially lovely on knitted baby items, like blankets and hats. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to work a butterfly stitch. Corrina points out that with this stitch pattern, it’s important to remember that the row gauge is going to be different…

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  • 7:06

    Cable Without A Cable Needle

    Cables are a fun technique to add into any project. Learning to cable without a cable needle is a useful skill to learn because it allows you to work the cables faster and you don’t have to worry about finding a cable needle. In this video, Jill Wright demonstrates how to cable without a cable…

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