• 5:09

    Decorative I-Cord Bind Off

    When it comes time to complete a knitting project, the last thing to do is bind off. There are many ways to bind off your knitting, from simple and functional to delicate and decorative. In this video, knitting expert Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates a bind off technique that is both functional and decorative. She explains…

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  • 6:55

    Determining Yarn Weights

    Yarn comes in different thicknesses or yarn weights. In this video, Corrina Ferguson shares tips for determining the weight of a yarn. She looks at both the wraps per inch (WPI) as well as the gauge to determine the thickness of the yarn. YARN WEIGHTS There are eight standard yarn weights. They are: • Lace…

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  • 9:45

    Don’t Get Lost: Keeping Track of Your Pattern Progress

    When working from a knitting pattern, many knitters find it helpful to take notes to keep track of their work. In this video, Jill Wright explains how to she likes to keep notes when knitting. She shares many useful tips that you can easily incorporate into your own notetaking. Jill suggests using graphs paper and…

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  • 18:12

    Double Yarns Overs and Beyond

    Making a hole in your knitting on purpose doesn’t have to be scary. Yarn overs are a great way to create open and airy stitch patterns, and you can make them in all sizes. In this video, lace knitting expert Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work different yarn overs and teaches you how to work…

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  • 3:24

    Easy Ribbing: How to Work Knit One, Purl One (K1, P1) Ribbing

    Once you’ve mastered the knit and purl stitches, you’re ready to try ribbing. In this video, Mary Beth Temple will demonstrate how to work knit one, purl one (K1, P1) ribbing. She’ll also share some tips on how to read your fabric and how to avoid mistakes while working this stitch. You’ll find ribbing used…

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  • 3:58

    Easy Ribbing: Knit Two, Purl Two (K2, P2) Ribbing

    Knit-2, purl-2 (K2, P2) ribbing is a great stretchy stitch pattern that is perfect for projects like baby hats and socks. This ribbing is very elastic, when stretched the fabric naturally wants to snapback into place. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work this ribbed pattern. This stitch pattern is also known as…

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  • 4:09

    Elastic Bind Off

    The elastic bind off is a simple one to work and creates a stretchy bind off for garter stitch, lace projects, and more. In this video, knitting expert Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how to work the elastic bind off. Michele discusses that this a knitwise bind off that can be worked on either side of…

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  • 3:13

    Elastic Bind Off for Ribbing

    The Elastic Bind Off is perfect for the edges of your knitting projects where you need extra stretch. This bind off can be particularly useful on edges where a ribbing pattern has been worked, like the top of a toe-up sock. In this video, Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how to work the Elastic Bind Off…

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  • 8:21

    Elongated Interrupted Rib

    The Elongated Interrupted Rib stitch pattern is a variation on the traditional Interrupted Rib stitch pattern. This elongated version of the stitch pattern has the ribbing section worked for additional rows, giving the ribbing more definition. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work the Elongated Interrupted Rib stitch pattern. To begin, Jen compares…

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