• 7:46

    How to Read a Slipped Stitch Chart

    Slipped stitch knitting is a fun technique that adds colorwork into a project, with the benefit of only working with one color each row or round. There are so many slipped stitch patterns out there to knit and many of them are worked from charts. In this video, Corrina Ferguson discusses slipped stitch charts and…

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  • 6:20

    How to Work the Garter Tab Cast On

    The garter tab cast on is the perfect cast on for top-down shawls. If your shawl is going to have a garter edge running along the top, this cast on is for you. It provides a near-seamless edging to the top of the shawl. In this video, Jen Lucas will show you how to work…

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  • 7:35

    How to Work the Tubular Cast On

    There are so many ways to cast on your knitting. Some are functional, some are decorative, but the tubular cast on is both functional and decorative. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to work this cast on method. This cast on is great for top-down socks, cuffs, and hems. Corrina demonstrates how it would…

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  • 7:26

    I-Cord Cast On

    The first step to any knitting project is to cast on for the piece. There are many different types of cast on methods, some being functional and some more decorative. In this video, Mary Beth Temple explains how to work a beautiful, decorative I-cord cast on. To begin, Mary Beth casts on 4 stitches using…

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  • 6:31

    Invisible Ribbed Bind Off

    The invisible ribbed bind off is a sewn bind off that creates a very stretchy edge to finish 1×1 (knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch) ribbing. As the name suggests, this bind off is nearly invisible and gives the edge of your piece a clean, finished look. In this video, Jill Wright demonstrates how to…

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  • 7:34

    Japanese Short Rows

    There are several methods to work short rows into your knitting projects. In this video, Mary Beth Temple explains how to work Japanese Short Rows. Mary Beth is working on a swatch of Stockinette stitch (knit on Right Side/purl on Wrong Side). She notes that a knitting pattern will tell you where to place the…

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  • 10:41

    Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

    When finishing a knitting project, there are times when a stretchy bind off is desired. Invented in 2009 by Jeny Staiman, the Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off is perfect for items where you need extra stretch along a bind off edge. In this video, Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how to work this popular bind off…

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  • 3:37

    Jogless Join for Knitting Stripes in the Round

    From hats to socks, knitting in the round is used as a way to construct a wide variety of knitting projects. In some cases, those projects involve knitting stripes in multiple colors of yarn. Mary Beth Temple will show you her favorite way for working stripes in the round and how to create what’s called…

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  • 4:14

    Judy’s Magic Cast On

    Judy’s Magic Cast On is a popular method for starting toe-up socks. It’s a double-sided cast on that’s also good for other projects, like top-down mittens and hats. In this video, Mary Beth Temple explains how to work this cast on. Mary Beth is working this cast on two double-pointed needles, but you can also…

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