Stefanie Japel

Knit Lab: Projects, Patterns & Techniques + DVD & Book

Stefanie Japel
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Instructor Stefanie Japel discusses the skills, topics and patterns that are covered in Knit Lab.
Learn about a wide variety of yarn, needles and several handy knitting gadgets.
This lesson introduces students to the long tail cast on method, knitting's most common method of casting on.
Learn the two main stitches used in knitting: the knit and purl.
Learn how to create purl ridges using the knit and purl stitches learned in Lesson 4.
Stefanie introduces lace with a simple combination of increases and decreases, which will help you make the Lacy Keyhole Scarf.
Learn how to use increases and decreases to create keyholes and buttonholes, and finish up the Lacy Keyhole Scarf!
Stefanie shows you how to weave in the ends of a finished project for both garter and stockinette stitches.
Learn how to wet block and steam block, as well as when to choose each method.
Learn how to use the basic knit and purl stitches to create more complex, detailed patterns, including the seed and basket-weave stitches.
Learn about several different increases that will help you shape your garments.
Learn the Slip, Slip, Knit decrease as Stefanie teaches you how to use decreases to shape your garments.
Stefanie introduces you to several additional casting on methods: cable cast-on, knitting-on method and backwards-loop method.
Learn how to use increases and decreases to shape socks, sweaters and shawls.
Demystify pattern reading. Learn how to read a basic pattern, including charts and common pattern abbreviations.
Turn materials like trash bags into fun knitting projects. Watch Stefanie knit a bath scrubber from tulle material.
16 Lessons
6  hrs 31  mins

Learn how to knit with basic skills, tools and supplies and create any garment you want, including a lovely lacy keyhole scarf. Published author and well-loved knitwear designer Stefanie Japel shares her “purls” of wisdom with you as she teaches you how to knit a scarf. Knit Lab begins with essential basic knitting lessons, including choosing supplies, casting on, knitting, purling and binding off. Then Stefanie ups the ante by showing you a host of useful demonstrations that you can come back to again and again. Learn how to increase, decrease, make a buttonhole, knit lace, block, seam and much, much more. As a fun bonus, Stefanie will also show you how to knit with alternative materials such as tulle and trash bags.

With your class, you will also receive a copy of Knitting 101. This beautiful book will teach you to knit through engaging projects, beginning with easy designs for early success and moving on to progressively more difficult patterns as you master the techniques. New skills are explored in depth as they are introduced. The most comprehensive beginner’s book available, Knitting 101 begins with an introductory section covering all the basics of knitting: selecting yarn, needle types and sizes, other tools and accessories, knitting gauge, casting on, forming stitches, and reading patterns.

Stefanie Japel

Stefanie started knitting at 8 years old and began designing soon thereafter. Her book include "Glam Knits," "Fitted Knits," and "Mom and Me Knits." You'll also find Stefanie's wonderful work in Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Vogue Knitting and more. You can find her patterns at

Stefanie Japel

Bonus materials available after purchase

Knit Lab: Projects, Patterns & Techniques + DVD & Book Purchase this class for $29.99.