Sally Melville

Wear What you Knit: Perfect Sweater Fit & Style + DVD

Sally Melville
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Meet knitwear designer Sally Melville and start learning how the texture, drape and patterning of knitted fabric can affect how a garment looks on you. When choosing a pattern and yarn, you'll also want to check your gauge for the best fit. If you need to recalculate, Sally can help!
Get your projects into shape with Sally's advice on choosing flattering styles. Make the connection between your knitting and your closet as you choose shapes that appeal. Sally explains how you can adapt the side shape, sleeves and necklines in your knitting patterns accordingly.
Sally helps clear up the tricky subjects of size and ease. Get a handle on how pattern sizes relate to your own body, and choose the right amount of tightness or looseness, known as ease, in your garment. Sally will even show you how to work with multiple sizes to make your sweater fit right all over.
Get the measurements you really need for a sweater that fits and flatters your shape. Sally shares critical design principles that might seem counterintuitive but that really work! You'll also learn how to get the most accurate measurements for the best-fitting sweater.
Learn how to adjust a pattern to match your measurements. With some simple formulas, Sally helps you get the total sweater length, waist length and sleeve lengths you desire, as well as the correct shoulder width and sleeve cast-on for a comfortable fit.
Sometimes the sweater fits great, but it still looks wrong. Sally encourages you to create paper dolls with a variety of sweater lengths plus pants and skirt types to figure out what outfits will work. You might just discover a new combination to try!
6 Lessons
2  hrs 15  mins

Achieve the best size and style for you with sweaters that are knit to fit perfectly! Join seasoned instructor and fit expert Sally Melville as she teaches you to customize your sweater fit using precise tweaks to your patterns. During class, you’ll discover how different shapes and features look on different body types and how to use that knowledge to pick the right pattern for you. Want to substitute in one of your favorite yarns for your project? You’ll find out how to regauge a pattern so that you still achieve the right size for you. And for a tighter or looser garment, Sally will teach you about the concepts of pattern size and ease. Plus, you’ll learn to take the best possible measurements and adjust your pattern according to those measurements – you can plug in the styles you love, too!

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Sally Melville

In more than 50 years of knitting and 35 years of teaching, Sally Melville has taken hundreds of finished garments off her needles and taught hundreds of different classes. Today, she is the author of seven knitting books including Sally Melville Styles, The Knitting Experience series and Knitting Pattern Essentials. Her gift for making knitting simple, useful and fun has long made Sally a beloved instructor. Sally is dedicated to helping knitters make pieces they'll be proud to show the world!

Sally Melville

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