10 Great Gift Ideas for Knitters

On the hunt for a great gift to surprise the avid knitter in your life? This holiday season, encourage their love of knitting and give them something that will show how much you care. To help you decide on the best gift for your loved one, we’ve put together 10 great gift ideas any knitter will appreciate.

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1. Yarn Bowl 

This gorgeous handcrafted yarn bowl keeps yarn tangle-free and comes in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of skeins. Its natural wood grain looks beautiful while helping yarn flow, and the smooth finish ensures fibers won’t get snagged while knitting. 

2. Blocking Mat Set 

A blocking mat set like this one makes blocking knitted pieces smooth and consistent, and even comes with a convenient (and super cute!) storage case. The interchangeable grids can be customized to suit any finished piece, helping to easily block them into perfectly pressed works of art.  

3. Interchangeable Knitting Needles 

For knitters who love a variety of projects, this Knitter’s Pride Ginger Cable Needles Set comes in handy. Their interchangeable design offers a wide range of needle gauges, while the warm wooden finish lends a cozy, natural appeal while knitting. 

4. Yarn Swift 

A yarn swift like the Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn Swift winds hanks of yarn smoothly to prevent tangles. Its sturdy oak base and large diameter make raveling and unraveling skeins frustration-free. 

5. Row Counter 

Help your knitter keep track of their rows with a knitting row counter like this digital row counter. These handy little tools clearly display the number of knitted rows on the digital screen and can easily be worn on a finger while working. 

6. Knitter’s Compression Gloves 

A repetitive hobby like knitting can be hard on the wrists, fingers, and knuckles. These compression gloves can be slipped on after a long knitting session to help alleviate aches and pressure that may build up in the joints. 

7. Knitting Bag 

The Leudes knitting storage backpack keeps projects organized and secure in a portable, ready-to-go bag. It’s got plenty of pockets for needles, notions, and accessories, while the spacious main compartment holds current projects and several skeins of yarn. 

8. Stitch Stoppers 

Few things are as frustrating as realizing your work-in-progress has slipped off the needle when you weren’t looking. These adorable stitch stoppers will prevent any stitches from slipping off the knitting needle until it’s time to continue working. 

9. Stitch Markers 

Locking stitch markers like these mark rows and stitches in a flash of color. The bright hues help keep track of rounds so your knitter will know right where they left off. Plus, this set comes with two sizes of yarn needles to make finishing projects a breeze. 

10. Knitting Pattern Books 

Add to your knitter’s library with a book like Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book or Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary. These best-selling books are filled with classic patterns and techniques to expand any knitter’s repertoire. 

With any of these great gift ideas, the knitter in your life is sure to feel the love. Show your support and spark some knit-spiration this holiday season! 

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