4 Methods for Knitting in the Round

Knitting in the round is an important skill for any knitter to learn. Lots of items can be knit flat and then seamed, but if you learn to knit in the round you can speed up your knitting and avoid having to seam things like hats, cowls, socks, and more. Here are four common ways to knit in the round. Try them all to figure out which one is your favorite for circular knitting.

Circular Needles

Circular needles come in many different lengths and are perfect for every project that needs to be knit in the round. Use a smaller circular, like a 9” circular for the sleeves of baby sweaters or when knitting a sock. Longer circular needles (16”, 24”, 32”, 40”, and beyond) can be used on everything from hats to adult sweaters.

Double-Pointed Needles

These needles have points on both ends, making them ideal for knitting in the round. Double-pointed needles (DPNs) can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. For socks, I prefer to have my stitches on three needles and use the fourth needle for knitting. For bigger items, like hats, I will have my stitches on four needles and use a fifth needle for knitting. Play around with the DPN configuration that’s best for you!

Two Circular Needles

You can use two circular needles to knit in the round. Typically, the stitches will be split up with half of the stitches on each circular needle. I like using this technique for items like hats, as you don’t have to switch to double-pointed needles as you decrease for the crown of the hat.

Magic Loop

Using one long circular needle, you can knit in the round using the magic loop method. The stitches are split in half, much like using two circulars, but the long cord is holding half the stitches, while knitting across the other half of the circular piece.

I’d love to know: what is your preferred method for knitting in the round?

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46 Responses to “4 Methods for Knitting in the Round”

  1. Shirley Klansky

    Magic Loop is my favorite!

  2. Carolyn Phillips

    I am looking forward to seeing more information about knitting. I am a beginner and I am learning on my own. I saw your text message about knitting and fell in love with it.

  3. teresa macniven

    I love magic loop. From the smallest item to the largest. No matter what I am knitting I always use my interchangeable needles. I just change the length of the cord. The Knitting Circle is great by the way.

  4. Smokey

    Prefer circular and double point

  5. Gertie

    Find it difficult not to twist the first round when using circulars

  6. BL Wylie

    Want to learn more about knitting in the round.

  7. Deborah Cherton

    My favorite method is the magic loop

  8. DONNA

    Hmmmmm...I am a member but I can only find an article, not a video??? Help!

  9. Diane Tweden


  10. Billy Franklin

    I perfer to use circular needles but if I had to I would use double point. I hate to use the magic loop it takes too long to use this method.