5 Fun Hat Patterns to Knit

Summer might be just around the corner for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but hat knitting is always in season! Whether you like knitting hats for charity or are looking to get a head start on that holiday gift knitting, check out these great hat patterns that are perfect for you, a loved one, or someone in need.

Regalo Hat

I wrote this hat pattern as part of a collection of patterns that are perfect for gift-giving. It’s a slouchy hat, written for two sizes (Head Circumference 18-20” and 20-22”) and you can knit one for all the people in your life that are knit-worthy.

Find the Regalo Hat pattern in our shop here.

Boreal Hat

The Boreal Hat by Meghan Jones is a hat for the whole family. The cabled hat pattern is sized for baby to adult. Not only are written instructions included for the charts, but the pattern also includes matching mittens!

Find the Boreal Hat and Mittens in our shop here.

Vault of Diamonds

Just like the Boreal Hat, Vault of Diamonds is another stunning hat pattern by Meghan Jones, generously sized to fit the whole family. This hat is worked from the bottom-up and in the round to create the colorful diamond pattern.

Find the Vault of Diamonds Hat pattern in our shop here. To see more from Meghan, check out her website, Little NutMeg Productions.

Alrisha Hat

The Alrisha Hat by Corrina Ferguson is slightly-slouchy lacy hat, written for three sizes (19.25 (22, 24.75)” head circumference). Worked in a bulky yarn, you can have this one whipped up in no time for your own head or the head of a loved one.

Find the Alrisha Hat pattern in our shop here.

Fangirl Hat

The Fangirl Hat by Corrina Ferguson is the perfect hat for the sports fan in your life. Knit it up in your favorite sports team colors, the colors of your alma mater, or even the colors represented in your favorite fictional fandom. The hat is worked in worsted weight yarn – try making one with leftover yarn for a fun and funky scrappy hat!

Find the Fangirl Hat in our shop here. To see more from Corrina, check her out on Instagram.

Do you love to knit hats? If you do, try one of these for your next hat knitting project. You’re sure to have a blast knitting one of these, and the recipient will certainly love it too!

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