How to Work a Double Yarn Over

a pink and a blue knitting project showing a double yarn over

Double yarn overs are a fun stitch, commonly used in lace knitting. You can find tons of knitting stitch patterns that contain these large holes, and it’s fun to incorporate them into your knitting projects.

Twice Around The Needle

A double yarn over is created by working two yarn overs right next to each other. Sometimes these yarn overs can be used as increases in a project or they can be paired with decreases to create a lace pattern.

close up of knitting instructor showing a double yarn over stitch with blue yarn

The double yarn over is worked by bringing the yarn around the needle twice on the Right Side.

On the Wrong Side

When you come to the double yarn overs on the Wrong Side Row, you’ll need to knit into one yarn over and purl into the next (or vice versa – it’s just important that one of the yarn overs is knit and one is purled on the Wrong Side; they can be done in either order). If you were to try to knit both the yarn overs or purl both the yarn overs, the double yarn over comes unraveled and makes one big stitch, rather than maintaining the two stitches on the needle.

a close up of a completed double yarn over stitch with blue yarn

On the Wrong Side, the first yarn over was knit and the second yarn over was purled.

Make Something!

Once you’ve mastered the double yarn over, you can go forth and knit all sorts of fun knitting projects! For example, check out Rhododendron in our pattern shop. The knitted-on edging of the shawl incorporates double yarn overs to make a pretty and delicate detail to the bottom of the shawl.

a close up of a completed pink shawl using double yarn over stitch

Check out Rhododendron in the pattern shop here.

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Have you tried double yarn overs? Let us know in the comments where you’ve used them in your knitting projects!

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