Icelandic Bind Off

Looking for an elastic ending to your next knitting project? Try the Icelandic bind off. It provides a stretchy edge to a project, perfect for lace shawls or necklines of sweaters where having a stretchy bind off edge is crucial. This particular bind off is a couple extra steps beyond a traditional knitwise bind off, but that little bit of extra effort is worth it. No worries about a too-tight bind off here!

When you’re ready to bind off, follow these steps on a Right Side row:

Step 1: Knit one stitch.

Step 2: Slip stitch purlwise from right needle to left needle, leaving right needle in the stitch.

Step 3: With right needle still going purlwise into the first stitch on left needle, work into the next stitch on the left needle knitwise.

Step 4: Knit the second stitch, pulling the new stitch through both stitches and drop both stitches off the needle.

Repeat Steps 2–4 until one stitch remains. The working yarn can be cut and drawn through this final stitch to fasten off.

I usually use a K2tog Through the Back Loops Bind Off for my shawls, but I’m definitely going to be using this bind off on my next lace project. I love how neat and tidy it looks while also providing stretch.

Have you used this bind off before? Tell us all about it!
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9 Responses to “Icelandic Bind Off”

  1. Sylvia Winter

    I have used this for some time. didn’t know it’s name. Like the finish doing it this way.

  2. BarbaraL Lowell

    I am intrigued. I have heard of this on occasion but never checked it out. Hope I can remember when I get to my next bind off. I am in sewing mode lately so no WIP’s right now. Thank You.