Knitting for a Cause

Thanks for signing up for the Knitting for a Cause Challenge! Click any of the images below to download our blanket or hat patterns, ranging from Beginner to Intermediate levels. Continue to scroll down to learn more about the best ways to donate your knitted goods, and where to donate them. Be sure to save or bookmark this page to access these resources at any time.

Knitting for a Cause - Blanket Square Pattern PDF PATTERN DOWNLOAD
Blanket Square Pattern (Beginner)
Knitting for a Cause - Full Blanket Pattern PDF PATTERN DOWNLOAD
Full Blanket Pattern (Intermediate)
Knitting for a Cause - Baby Hat Pattern PDF PATTERN DOWNLOAD
Baby Hat Pattern (Intermediate)
Knitting for a Cause - Hat Pattern PDF PATTERN DOWNLOAD
Hat Pattern (Intermediate)

Yarn for these patterns provided by Yarnspirations and Lion Brand.

Where to Donate

Creativity comes from the heart. Oftentimes, for those of us who put love into everything we make, one of the best feelings comes from giving our creations away for someone else to enjoy. There are few things more rewarding than knowing something you made will have a positive impact on someone’s life.

We’ve compiled a handful of amazing organizations that are eager to accept your donations with open arms. Continue reading to find out where you can give the gift of helping someone in need.


Animal shelters can be notoriously cold and industrial. Mats for Cats collects donations of leftover yarn to turn into soft, comfortable mats for rescued cats across the nation. Contact Mats for Cats via email to see which location needs your excess yarn the most, and simply mail it to the provided address.

The Snuggle Project also aims to improve the rescue shelter experience for both animals and humans. Their cozy, knit “Snuggles” create a warmer, softer environment in shelters and animal rehabilitation centers, significantly calming and reducing stress among hurt or frightened rescue animals.


Have some blue yarn lying around? Raise awareness and stand up to bullying with Hat Not Hate, an organization determined to bring to light the bullying problems many adolescents face today. Use your blue yarn to make and donate hats to their cause, and empower students in the fight against bullying.

Children in Need

With donation chapters across the United States, Project Linus provides blankets of all kinds to children in hospitals, homeless shelters, social services agencies, or anywhere a child needs comfort. Similarly, Knit a Square accepts donations of 8” square sections of knit or crochet material, assembling them into full-size blankets to provide to vulnerable children across South Africa.

If you enjoy making finished products like hats, sweaters, or blankets, Knit for Kids also accepts handmade items like these to provide to children throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe wherever the need is greatest.

Cancer Patients & Survivors

The Magic Yarn Project aims to bring joy and comfort to children battling cancer with unique, character-inspired yarn wigs and beanies that are soft and warm for sensitive little scalps. Visit their website to find out how you can get involved by cutting yarn for wigs, creating beanies, or helping in a variety of ways.

Knitted Knockers enlists the help of volunteers to create knitted breast prosthetics to breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies or other medical procedures. Their soft Knitted Knockers can be made to match any size and are completely free to women or groups who request them.

Children & Adults Battling Serious Illness

For intermediate to advanced knitters looking to contribute to a good cause, the Mother Bear Project provides cuddly knitted bears to children affected by HIV/AIDS. You can help by creating your own bear using their pattern or by donating materials like yarn and knitting needles directly to the organization.

Alice’s Embrace is a non-profit organization that creates knit shawls and blankets to individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Their beautiful handmade items provide a sense of comfort and security to residents in memory care facilities and hospitals.

Veterans & Service Members

Operation Gratitude sends thoughtfully curated care packages to American troops overseas. Their Handmade with Love initiative aims to include handmade items in each care package, providing soldiers with a sense of love and home. Donations of many forms are appreciated, including knitted, crocheted, or sewn pieces, and are often some of the most cherished items received by soldiers.

Warmth for Warriors understands that the comfort of our active duty members makes a huge difference when it comes to their morale and well-being. Their warm, handmade hats and cozy items are sent to service members and veterans both overseas and stateside. You can donate finished pieces as well as extra supplies and yarn.


If you’re not sure where to send your donations, Warm Up America! serves a wide variety of charitable organizations, acting as a funnel to provide items where they happen to be needed most. They accept 7” by 9” knit or crochet sections that are assembled into afghans and garments, as well as finished scarves, blankets, and accessories. Check their Current Needs page to see an updated list of organizations currently in need of donations.

There will always be the need for handmade items that provide a sense of security, warmth, and positivity during difficult times. Giving something that has been made from the heart is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. No matter which organization you choose to send your donations to, the love you put into your thoughtful, handmade creations will be sure to send a message of hope to someone who truly needs it.

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204 Responses to “Knitting for a Cause”

  1. Nancy

    I only crochet. Do you accept crochet and do you have patterns?

  2. Pam

    Do you have any agencies to receive items in Australia?

  3. priscilla rainey

    I don't knit, but I do crochet. would anyone want that? almost anything. right now i'm crocheting small animals about 6" tall. Let me know and where to send them. I'm in Boone NC so something close would be great.

  4. Vicki Boehm Zilai

    I am the chairperson of a Prayer Shawl ministry at our church We make and donate shawls and blankets to the area nursing homes and hospitals Also to anyone in need of a warm hug !!!!!

  5. Cindy

    Is there a group like this for crochet projects

  6. Susan Eppley

    Do you have crochet patterns?

  7. Pat Harris

    And where do you suggest those of us in Canada send our items?

  8. Billie Welch

    Thank you. I've been wanting to know what to do with my love of knitting and my large stash of yarn. I like to have a goal when I knit, this gives me several.

  9. Alma de Montenegro

    I have been donating sweters, hats and baby boots for several years for new bor babies in a hospital in Guatemala, it is a blessings to me doing it, besides I enjoy it much. I am very happy to join your group and learn more from you.

  10. Karen

    I currently knit, crochet, and sew items for Preemies of the Carolinas and Operation Gratitude - in addition to our local animal rescues. I would like to thank you for sharing information on organizations who welcome our handmade items - allowing us to enjoy our needlework and know it will be appreciated.