Meet the Knitter: Corrina Ferguson

Corrina is a knitting designer, instructor, and technical editor based in sunny Florida where 60 degrees is sweater weather. This lifelong crafter with an unreasonable amount of love for math is the author of two knitting books and is always working to use math to make better knitting patterns. Corrina has published designs in a wide variety of magazines, books, knitting websites, and with yarn companies. She also publishes designs under her own brand Craftstar Studios.

Her favorite type of knitter is the adventurous beginner, because there is nothing better than a knitter who is willing and eager to learn. She believes that there is always something new to learn and fun ways to perfect your craft!

Other places to find Corinna Online: Her Website, and Instagram

The Knitting Circle: When and how did you get started with knitting?
Corrina Ferguson:I started knitting when I moved to Florida and I quit working to stay home with my boys. My boys had the audacity to go off to school and I needed a hobby quick. I had always wanted to learn and it quickly became an obsession.

TKC: What is your favorite thing to design and why?
CF: I love designing sweaters the most. So many pieces and math to make work. I especially like working with unusual constructions and have way more ideas than I have time!

TKC: What does your day look like as a knitwear designer and maker?
CF: I’m also a knitting tech editor, so a lot of days include “desk time” where I am busy editing other designer’s patterns. But I like to add design time to most days as well – that’s my favorite part of designing, where I am swatching and sketching out new plans. I work from home, so I find time in the day for household stuff, but spend most evenings knitting while marathoning shows with the husband.

TKC: What’s your favorite type of yarn? Why do you love it?
CF: I am definitely a wool girl, there’s just so much wool can do that other fibers can’t. Wool keeps you warm, keeps you dry, and wool really bends itself to nearly anything the knitting asks it to do. Plus, blocking wool projects is just so immensely satisfying.

TKC: If you could only use one knitting technique for the rest of your life, what would it be?
CF: Probably lace would be my number one choice. There’s just so many things you can do with lace, I feel like the possibilities are endless. Also, living in Florida having an open, airy fabric really speaks to me.

TKC: What other crafts or hobbies do you enjoy?
CF: I crochet, and I’ve taken back up cross stitch. I love the clever cross stitch designs that are available nowadays. But I’m really getting obsessed with sewing. Being a plus size girl who’s also quite tall, there’s a magic in being able to decide how long my clothes will be!

TKC: Any quick tips/knitting hacks to share?
CF: I think my best advice is to always have a crochet hook with you. Yes, a crochet hook. You can fudge scissors (using nail clippers or even a small knife) but a crochet hook is invaluable in fixing mistakes when knitting on the go. I keep a tiny one in the zipper part of my wallet – I mean who carries change anymore – and it’s saved my project more times than I can count!

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9 Responses to “Meet the Knitter: Corrina Ferguson”

  1. Celeste Bright

    Corrina is an inspiration. Thanks to you and other designers I don’t have to do the math to make a garment that fits right.


    I will love to learn more from you

  3. Clare M Cohen

    Enjoyed the interview. Happy to see that I',m not the only one who carries a crochet hook.

  4. sandie charles

    I love your "craft" room. I usually knit while watching TV. I taught my daughter to knit when a child and she is so far ahead of me now. I stick to "easy" patterns as I like to see the completed project like yesterdasy!! She takes on difficult patterns and makes beautiful projects. Both of us usually knit to give away as gifts.

  5. Mini Tandon

    I started making pullover for my granddaughter. The chart to knit the horse was so complicated that after a number of restsrts I gave up and made a simple knitted design to complete my project. Would somebody guide me if I upload the chart and instructions

  6. Claire Solomons

    I admire all of your accomplishments and ability to create new designs. I can't design at all but can follow all instructions easily. I started knitting and crocheting when I was about 11 years old and never stopped. I also do needlepoint. I love math, always my best subject. I belong to a group called Knitwitz. The ladies make afghans and donate to various organizations. They are all so talented.

  7. Diane Holden

    Hi Corrina,I definitely not a Florida lady,but does sound nice ,believe me.I live in BC and we can get some very cool weather,but it is a beautiful country for sure.I am doing a fair share of knitting lately,as to having had my family and now on my own,I have a passion to go knit.and that I have been doing.With the grandchildren and now this messy hair option alot of gal's are wanting ,it does keep me busy.I like to experiment with the different yarns,but first choice for me is usually the ones that wash and dry fairly easy.I think this next year I might start a gift giving around Oct,I never seem to be able to get to all that want a gift from Nana....Thank you,nice chatting with you

  8. Debora Quinn

    Hi there, as a new knitter I seem to be very confused with terms like worsted weight, fingering yarn, etc. Do you have a video tutorial on the different types of yarn? Thank you

  9. Sylvia Conrad

    Great interview