Meet the Knitter: Mary Beth Temple

Mary Beth is a long-time designer of knit, crochet and sewing patterns, and lover of any other type of craft that comes across her path! She can often be found crafting by the beach near her home in Wilmington, North Carolina, and makes no guarantees that there won’t be sand in her samples.

With more than a dozen books to her name, Mary Beth is a prolific designer whose independent work can be found under her brand name Hooked for Life. You can check out her doings on her website, and from there visit her various social media outlets. Mary Beth is particularly fond of making videos for her blog and her YouTube channel.

Other places to find Mary Beth Online: Ravelry, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Knitting Circle: When and how did you get started with knitting?
Mary Beth Temple:I was very young – probably single digits. My mother had taught my older sister to knit, and she taught me the knit stitch. I made many rectangles! First little ones for a patchwork blanket for my dolls, then garter stitch scarves. I got more into it during my college years and experimented with more than the knit stitch!

TKC: What is your favorite thing to design and why?
MBT: Probably sweaters. I have a background as a costume designer/maker so I am always interested in how garments go together, and the little details you can add that make them fit and wear well.

TKC: What does your day look like as a knitwear designer and maker?
MBT:Every day is a little different but for those who think they want to design so they can sit around and knit all day – well not much of my day is spent actually knitting! I spend time sketching and knitting of course, but also working on social media and the blog, pattern writing and editing, producing videos for myself and my clients, answering emails, and I am always looking for the next big project to work on.

TKC: What’s your favorite type of yarn? Why do you love it?
MBT: I like all-natural fibers, and all have their pros and cons. If I absolutely had to pick one it would be 80%/20% or thereabouts merino and silk blend. It takes dye well, has elasticity from the wool and the sheen of the silk, and is super soft so it’s a joy to work with as well as to wear.

TKC: If you could only use one knitting technique for the rest of your life, what would it be?
MBT: Also a tough one! I think I would pick lace because there are endless variations of what can be done in that technique so I would get a lot of interesting things to knit despite the technique limit! I also love blocking lace – I find it incredibly satisfying when you take something that looks like a colorful yet sloppy mess of a piece of fabric and blocking turns it into an open, delicate fabric with all the stitches marching in order.

TKC: What other crafts or hobbies do you enjoy?
MBT: I am an avid crocheter as well and can often be found with a hook in my hand. I also enjoy spinning although I am terrible at it. Recently I have gotten back into sewing, although more into garment and costume making than quilting or home décor. I have been having a blast making cosplay costumes for a local group – all of the fun of my movie set days with none of the pressure.

TKC: Any quick tips/knitting hacks to share?
MBT: Love what you are making, and if you don’t, don’t be afraid to rip it out and start again, or modify the project until it makes you happy. Life is too short for knitting that is a chore and the knitting police will not come to your door and arrest you if you change your mind about something.

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11 Responses to “Meet the Knitter: Mary Beth Temple”

  1. Rosalynn

    I enjoyed learning about you, Mary Beth. Your videos are really good and I'm enjoying being a Knitting Circle member--there's so much new stuff to learn, the teachers (including you) are knowledgeable and very helpful, and you obviously have fun doing it. What a great life!

  2. Deborah McFadden

    Enjoyed reading your information I am a beginner where knitting is concerned sounds like something I can do.

  3. patricia King

    I knit at night when i'm watching television. I made a lot of dishcloths and gave away for Christmas gifts.

  4. Judy Anderson

    Yay! I’m a NC native! Love the pic of u by the beach & I’ll try (again) to knit as taking it apart is hard!!

  5. Johanna

    I am so glad the knitting police won’t show up at my door. I’m trying to knit two Afghans and have decided to pull both out and start over. I am not too good but decided to not be unhappy about my work because of beginning mistakes. I will start both again tomorrow! I am determined to make my Afghans!! Thanks Mary Beth for your words and your love of knitting!!! Joh

  6. Frieda

    Like what I see!


    Very nice of you to have introduced yourself and I am looking forward to knitting and crocheting to many of your advertised project, right now I am thinking of knitting a cowl, there are so many models but I cannot seem to find a plain easy one to start. I have checked on The Knitting Circle but there are not too many choices, can you offer me some advise. Thank you

  8. Patricia Moir


  9. Mary C Dahbura

    I have been passing my time in this pandemic by knitting. I have found a simple Shawl pattern and am knitting prayer shawls. So far I have made 5 of that pattern and several other shawls. Love knitting and learned it at age 18 and I am now 83.

  10. Mariemay Carlson

    I don't like to rip out and start over again but sometimes I have to.....