One-Skein Accessories: Chevron Collection

Create three cute, chevron-themed projects, each using just one skein of yarn! Join yarn shop owner and instructor Aurora Sisneros, and breeze through three exclusive patterns while learning techniques that become a bit more advanced with each project. Master the long-tail cast-on, joining in the round and keeping track of your rounds as you knit and purl the classy Chevron Cowl. Work increases for shaping, knit eye-catching cables and master double-pointed needles as you make the chic Chevron Hat. Then learn to work a lace pattern and shape thumbs as you finish a pair of fabulous, fingerless Chevron Mitts. Bring three skeins of yarn to life, and create three stylish projects that make perfect outfit accents or handmade gifts.

Class Materials:

Session 1: Introduction

Meet your instructor, Aurora Sisneros, and learn more about the projects you’ll make and the supplies you’ll need. Whether you’re a continental or English knitter, you’ll see stitches demonstrated using both styles.

Session 2: The Chevron Cowl Part 1

Aurora starts you off with casting on for a simple cowl with an elegant chevron design. Even if you haven’t worked with circular needles before, Aurora shows you an easy method for creating the stitches and then joining to work in the round. Knitting in the tail at this point means one less end to weave in later!

Session 3: The Chevron Cowl Part 2

Once you’ve knit a few rounds to establish the rolled edge of the cowl, it’s time to start the chevron pattern. Aurora walks you through the steps and discusses ways of keeping your place in your knitting. If you make a mistake, no worries! Learn how to knit backward, or “tink,” to get back to the mistake and fix it. Knit along with Aurora, learn a stretchy bind-off, weave in the ends and block your cowl for your finished accessory!

Session 4: The Chevron Hat Part 1

If you’re hankering for a hat, try Aurora’s cute cabled pattern. Using circular needles, you’ll cast on and knit in ribbing, then increase for the pattern. Aurora will show you how to switch to a larger needle and start knitting the cables. With three different ways of tackling the cabled stitches, you’re sure to find one that’s comfortable for you.

Session 5: The Chevron Hat Part 2

Once you’ve mastered front cables with a few rounds of knitting, Aurora shows how to make back cables. This reverses your stitches’ direction to create the chevron shape. At the top of the hat, you’ll switch to double-pointed needles and begin the decreases. If double-points make you nervous, Aurora will put your mind at ease. Your hat will be finished and wearable in a jiffy!

Session 6: Chevron Fingerless Mitts Part 1

If you love the look of lace mitts, Aurora’s pattern is gorgeous and easy to follow. She’ll show you how to cast on with double-pointed needles, knit the ribbed cuff, then start the lace pattern. You’ll also create a gusset for the thumb.

Session 7: Chevron Fingerless Mitts Part 2

Aurora shows how to put your thumb stitches aside as you finish the top of the mitt and bind off in pattern. Then you’ll pick up those thumb stitches and learn how to add some more to complete the thumb. With a quick bind-off and weaving in, your warm and trendy mitts are ready to wear!

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