Process and Product Knitters: Which Are You?

Are you a process knitter or a product knitter? Maybe some combination of the two? If you aren’t sure, or you have no idea what I’m talking about, read on for an explanation and to find out what type of knitter you are.

Process Knitters

Process knitters are those who knit because they love the process of knitting. These people knit for the therapy, learning, and state of flow one can slip into while knitting. One sign of a process knitter is that they don’t finish every project they start, and so have many WIPs in play and UFOs that need ends woven in. They don’t feel the need to finish everything they start because the joy is in the making of stitches.

I like to think that the knitting process also includes choosing yarn, making swatches, learning how to fix mistakes, and all the other little things that come up during a knitting project. The entire process from pattern selection to binding off can yield countless moments of being fully engaged and present, which is one of the major benefits of knitting. A final product is not necessary for these folks to thoroughly enjoy their knitting.

One part of the knitting process is winding the yarn. I enjoy winding by hand to bring myself into the moment. Photo by Hannah Rose Baker

Product Knitters

You probably already understand how product knitters think and behave based on the description of process knitters. These people love having finished a thing they can wear or give, and they finish most of the projects they start.

For a long time, I thought I was a product knitter. The majority of my knitting decisions are based on the item I want to create, and I generally finish all the projects I started. Even though I start all my projects because I want that particular knitted thing at the end, I have learned that I am both a product and process knitter (read on).

Stacks of finished handknit sweaters by a formerly self-identified product knitter. Photo by Hannah Rose Baker

Combination Process and Product Knitters

I consider myself a combination of process and product knitter because both pieces of the craft bring me joy. Firstly, I am selective about which projects I choose to start because I want to make sure I am spending my time creating something I’ll really want to wear or be proud to gift. Then, once I pick the next project to cast on, the entire process from start to finish simultaneously challenges me and is a form of calming therapy. I love finding exactly the right yarn, swatching to get gauge, casting on, knitting and learning new techniques throughout the pattern, and ultimately having a well-made product to present.

So, are you a process knitter, product knitter, or some combination of the two? What do you love most about the knitting process, and what types of projects do you finish the most?


Hannah Rose is a freelance writer, editor, and knitwear designer. She lives and knits in Northern Colorado. Find her on Ravelry and Instagram at @bakeyknits.

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121 Responses to “Process and Product Knitters: Which Are You?”

  1. Deborah Smith

    After reading the article, I’ve decided I’m a combination of the two. I’m interesting info, thanks.

  2. Gabriela O’Leary

    OMG thanks for your email l love it 🥰

  3. Rose Gibson

    Based on your definitions, I would say I am a combination of both.

  4. Helene Theriault

    I'm mostly a process knitter but I do like having a finished product

  5. Danni Freeman

    I am definitely a combination of the two! I just love knitting 🧶 Sometimes I have a specific project and purpose in mind and other times I just want to knit 😊 I finish everything eventually!

  6. Elizabeth

    I can relate to both types of knitters.

  7. Johanna Bliss

    I'm definitely a process knitter. While I enjoy the finished product, I frequently find myself procrastinating finishing so I can continue the enjoyment of the project.

  8. Aubrie

    I think I am a combination of both. But probably lean more towards a process knitter. I love to cast on rarely ever finish a pattern because I always find something else that I just have to start. I have a huge stash of yarn but always find another one I just have to have lol. I seem to finish projects that are small and can attain my focus and make me feel accomplished when done. I make more gifts than I make for myself. I tend to never finish a project I deem for myself it will finish a project for someone else instead. Headbands and hats seem to be the items I can finish and not go to start another project right away. My goal this year is to finish all the items I have on needles before starting another project good luck with that. Lmao.

  9. rose

    i never start anything that i dont like the look of or does not has a "home to go to". so this means i have no unfinished craft items at all,anywhere in my home. i cannot abide waste, of time or resources.

  10. Karen Dickson

    Both I love all of knitting. I love finding the pattern. Then looking at the pattern to see if I can make it and if there is something new to learn. Then choosing the yarn and color of the yarn. The finish does make me sad. Because the making is the best part. But, I am so happy when I give the knitted project to someone and they love it too. I make things for my granddaughter. And she gets this look on her face that always makes me proud of my knitting/ crocheting projects. Thank you for all your fun and helpful tips.