Process and Product Knitters: Which Are You?

Are you a process knitter or a product knitter? Maybe some combination of the two? If you aren’t sure, or you have no idea what I’m talking about, read on for an explanation and to find out what type of knitter you are.

Process Knitters

Process knitters are those who knit because they love the process of knitting. These people knit for the therapy, learning, and state of flow one can slip into while knitting. One sign of a process knitter is that they don’t finish every project they start, and so have many WIPs in play and UFOs that need ends woven in. They don’t feel the need to finish everything they start because the joy is in the making of stitches.

I like to think that the knitting process also includes choosing yarn, making swatches, learning how to fix mistakes, and all the other little things that come up during a knitting project. The entire process from pattern selection to binding off can yield countless moments of being fully engaged and present, which is one of the major benefits of knitting. A final product is not necessary for these folks to thoroughly enjoy their knitting.

One part of the knitting process is winding the yarn. I enjoy winding by hand to bring myself into the moment. Photo by Hannah Rose Baker

Product Knitters

You probably already understand how product knitters think and behave based on the description of process knitters. These people love having finished a thing they can wear or give, and they finish most of the projects they start.

For a long time, I thought I was a product knitter. The majority of my knitting decisions are based on the item I want to create, and I generally finish all the projects I started. Even though I start all my projects because I want that particular knitted thing at the end, I have learned that I am both a product and process knitter (read on).

Stacks of finished handknit sweaters by a formerly self-identified product knitter. Photo by Hannah Rose Baker

Combination Process and Product Knitters

I consider myself a combination of process and product knitter because both pieces of the craft bring me joy. Firstly, I am selective about which projects I choose to start because I want to make sure I am spending my time creating something I’ll really want to wear or be proud to gift. Then, once I pick the next project to cast on, the entire process from start to finish simultaneously challenges me and is a form of calming therapy. I love finding exactly the right yarn, swatching to get gauge, casting on, knitting and learning new techniques throughout the pattern, and ultimately having a well-made product to present.

So, are you a process knitter, product knitter, or some combination of the two? What do you love most about the knitting process, and what types of projects do you finish the most?


Hannah Rose is a freelance writer, editor, and knitwear designer. She lives and knits in Northern Colorado. Find her on Ravelry and Instagram at @bakeyknits.

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39 Responses to “Process and Product Knitters: Which Are You?”
  1. Hope Scheimo
    Hope Scheimo

    I am a combination of the two! I love knitting! I love how it relaxes me and love learning new techniques and don’t care how long it takes to finish a product and yet I knit to create the product to give away. I love seeing the smiles on the faces (mostly grandbabies) as much as the feeling of accomplishment when I see that I was able to “finish well” another piece! Thank you Hannah for your well defined post!

  2. Rebecca

    I am a process knitter. I enjoy taking my time with projects. Knitting is therapeutic to me, it gives me so much joy and peace 😊💕

    • Victoria

      I am a process knitter, recently I haven’t been able to finish anything, but I love the way I feel when I have the chance to do it.

    • Kat Graue
      Kat Graue

      I am product knitter. While enjoying the whole process, I am selective in what I knit. I usually knit for others and enjoy the giving of the finished product. I have always enjoyed knitting complicated Afghans and love doing stuffed animals.

  3. Valentina Arriaga
    Valentina Arriaga

    I think I could be a combination of both, I find it calming and relaxing, and at the same time engaging. I enjoy greatly the creativity that knitting requires and often the problem solving required to modify or adapt a project to a yarn or vice versa. I am back at knitting after a long hiatus and am loving it, I am a language interpreter and also use knitting it to practice multitasking while interpreting (helps with focus and mental agility)

    • Robin

      Wow these stories are great. I too have been knitting since I was 4.5 yrs old as well. I am not 94 yet but hope I’ll be knitting then too. I am definitely a process knitting. I do finish most projects I start however I’m know to rip out work and start new. Also I love winding yarn. I have a nice collection now of yarns in the house which I am thankful for.

  4. Sharon Hunt
    Sharon Hunt

    I am a product knitter. While knitting my mind pictures the product/garment being used. Such a nice feeling!

  5. Wendy J
    Wendy J

    I am a combination of product and process who is trying to become more product focussed so I finish more! I love to knit.

  6. Andrea Hager
    Andrea Hager

    I’m a combination of both and didn’t realize it until I read this article. I have several started projects that I will get back to some day and projects that I start and finish. Very interesting thing to learn about myself.

  7. Sue Meredith
    Sue Meredith

    I think I am a combination of the two. I think and research a lot about a project before I start it. I will often pick something to try a new technique while keeping the recipient in mind. I love to experiment with mixing yarns. Then once I start, I love being in the moment with my knitting. I always finish my projects, and occassionally rip them back and reknit if I’m not happy with them. It is all very satisfying, but the best is seeing someone wearing what you make with pride.

  8. Marilyn

    I’m a beginner knitter and I’m enjoying the process! The product provides the goal and motivation for me to learn the stitches. I’ve made a few hats, mits and scarves successfully and find that I don’t mind ripping rows out to re-knit and do it better! Knitting is relaxing and I’m looking forward to many peaceful knitting hours this winter.

  9. Janice Basuino
    Janice Basuino

    I think I am also both. I love the feel of a soft yarn, and I enjoy the evenings while my husband and I are sitting on the sofa watching TV, and I am also knitting. The product knitter in me hoping to make a nice warm vest for my grandson.

  10. STACEY

    After reading the article I’ve decided that I am a combination knitter. I really enjoy the process no matter what I’m knitting but also get great satisfaction in a finished project. Sometimes I will have a couple of projects on the go…a simple one to work on while watching TV and a “thinker” project that takes concentration and quiet and I enjoy both equally. I’m happiest when my hands are busy!

  11. Marilyn Beebe
    Marilyn Beebe

    I am both. I love the excitement of picking the pattern and then the yarn and can’t wait to start knitting. Sometimes along the way something else comes up that I get excited about and I stop the first project and go on to the next. But there does come the day that I set down and knit to finish my unfinished projects.

  12. Patricia Quaranta
    Patricia Quaranta

    I am definitely a process knitter. I have more projects unfinished than finished.

  13. Teresa Abbott
    Teresa Abbott

    I am a process knitter I have tons of started projects but very few are finished. If I do not like the feel of a project I start I will start another projects.

  14. Gail Attaway
    Gail Attaway

    I am a both knitter. I love the process of a project, watching it come to life, and look forward to the finish. I don’t always get the project finished before I start another. There are also times I give myself deadlines because I have a goal in mind. I just love to knit!

  15. Mona Jamieson
    Mona Jamieson

    I am definitely a combo! The whole process from finding something challenging to knit all the way to seeing the finished product in the mirror or on someone else. It’s the same thing with my crocheting. It’s all therapeutic!

  16. sandie charles
    sandie charles

    I guess I am a bit of both! I seem to begin a new project before I finish the one I am working on. I also love choosing the yarn and colors. I tend to work on two or three projects at the same time. I am a writer of novels and also work my writing the same way working on at least two books at the same time! O live in Ponte Vedra Beach. Are there any other members of the knitting circle that live near me??

  17. Esther

    My granddaughters name is Hannah Rose. Beautiful name. I am a combination of two. I am 80 years young and have been knitting since I was 8 years young. Too many projects to remember. If a fire occurred, I would grab my numerous photo albums and the wicker chest full of needles, and favourite pattern books dating back to 1949. This small chest sits at my feet and I rest my legs on while watching TV and knitting.

    • Susan Woods
      Susan Woods

      I am a combo knitter. And, I often read other books while I am knitting! I pay close attention to the knitting but as soon as I get to several rows of stockinett I pick up where I left off in my book. Or I’m knitting while my husband is driving. I don’t have to look at my work so can look around and chat. It all works for me!

  18. Sandy L Bretz
    Sandy L Bretz

    I am also a combination knitter. That was informative for me, I never really thought about knitting in that sense. I so love textures and knitting shawls that challenge me. Thanks for sharing this.

  19. Connie O Byrne
    Connie O Byrne

    I’ve known for a long time that I am much more of a process knitter. I’ve forced myself to finish most things simply because they’re Christmas projects. Then there’s the sweater for myself that took three years to finish…lol. There’s also the lace scarf I finished without anyone in mind…now to figure out who to give it to!!!

  20. Kathleen Travis
    Kathleen Travis

    I am a combination knitter although I have far more yarn than I will ever use. I even had to teach my sister to knit because she will inherit my stash! I tend to do more process knitting than finishing projects off. I still have a ton of chemo caps and comfort shawls that are waiting for me to get the sewing needle out to finish them off!

  21. Louise

    I’ve decided I’m a combination. I tend to semi-picture how I would like something to look although my process is also organic. I don’t tend to use patterns – I rather visualise an item. Love choosing colours & yarns

    • cynthia smith
      cynthia smith

      I am so like you. I have to finish one before the next, I tend to do plenty of socks, I dot have a pattern but they always fit. I really do not like undone projects, therefore I will not start one prior to finishing the one on my needles, I love the feeling of doing. it is quite enjoyable.

  22. Antoinette Farrugia
    Antoinette Farrugia

    I think I am a Process knitter because I have two protect that I started about 10 years a go and I haven’t touch them, and I should be a shamed saying this!

  23. Meg Pritty
    Meg Pritty

    I am a project knitter. I knit by hand and also have two machines. I like to create as well

  24. Barbara

    I am definitely a combination of the two. I am an intermediate knitter, always looking to learn new stitches and how-tos. I love yarn and all the scarves, hats and blankets I want to make are tugging at my heart. I also want
    to make a sweater one day and socks and so on and so on. I knit for relaxation, and being in the moment and sometimes I don’t want to stop. I have yet to make a sweater for my dog, but I know that will happen. Thank you Hannah for bringing this to us.

  25. Maryann Coy
    Maryann Coy

    I believe I am both as well. The process does give me a therapeutic sense. I also get great satisfaction in seeing the finish product.

  26. Sharon Fuller
    Sharon Fuller

    I am both but what I love the most is creating something. I have always been fascinated with all types of working from thread to yarn.

  27. Marie

    I am a combination of both. I love finding a project and starting. But finishing normally doesn’t happen due to finding the next project. Anyway, I just love knitting!

  28. Sandi

    I definitely started out as a product knitter; Loved knitting for the grand babies; but now I’m a process knitter; I have a lot of WIP s


    I am a combination of the two! I like knitting! I can’t sit empty hands. So i have to occupy myself with something. If it’s not reading is knitting or crocheting or sawing , and love learning new techniques and don’t care how long it takes to finish. I knit to create and to give away. I love seeing the smiles and excitant of my grandchildren’s faces, as much as the feeling of accomplishment when I see my gifts are welcomed Thank you .

  30. marie

    I’m a combination knitter. All the planning, the searching for proper yarns and colors, then the dreaming – how will the item sit on the body? The need to adjust to get the fit nicely, the colors and how they will suit the person’s color, – so many things to think about. Yes, I’ve been knitting for decades and hopefully will continue for at a least another one. A true joy in so many ways.

  31. Marguerite Foster
    Marguerite Foster

    I am a combination of both. I am left handed and in order for the project to look like it is supposed to according to the pattern, I have to knit all the purl stitches, and purl all the knit stitches in each pattern. I am pretty good at it, but occasionally I mess up and do what the pattern says. That means I have to undo a few stitches (sometimes a few rows). I would love to find some patterns that are made for left handed knitters, but I have never been able to find any.

  32. Mini Tandon
    Mini Tandon

    I am a process knitter. I do it for my own pleasure. It certainly is a stress buster. My thoughts definitely get sorted out to flow smoothly with the flow of my knitting work.