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Five Great Gift-Worthy Knits

With the gift-giving season upon us soon, you might be thinking – what should I knit? We’re here to help! We’ve got five great patterns that are perfect for those knit-worthy folks in your life. Mini Knitted Mittens These adorable mittens can be knit up in a flash with leftover sock yarn. With just 20…

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How to Work a Double Yarn Over

Double yarn overs are a fun stitch, commonly used in lace knitting. You can find tons of knitting stitch patterns that contain these large holes, and it’s fun to incorporate them into your knitting projects. Twice Around The Needle A double yarn over is created by working two yarn overs right next to each other.…

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Designing Triangle Shawls: Choosing Stitch Patterns

Triangle shawls are fun to knit! With 4 increases on every right side row, a triangle shawl is made of 2 pattern wedges, each of which have increases on either side every 2 rows. A center spine stitch is located between the wedges, and 2-3 edge stitches are worked on each side at the beginning…

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Easy Pi Shawl Knitting

A half-pi (half-circle) shawl is one of the simplest shawl constructions to work. They are worked by doubling the number of stitches each time you’ve doubled the number of rows. Increases are made all at once in one row, so it’s easy to maintain stitch patterns between increase rows. Let’s Get Started: As for all…

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5 Easy Top-Down Shawl Shapes

There’s no shortage of shawl knitting patterns out in the world to explore. You can start knitting a shawl from any direction and can use a multitude of stitch patterns and techniques when creating these accessories. Knitting a shawl from the top down is a great way to dive into shawl knitting. Once you know…

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