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Knitting Needle Conversion

Curious about knitting needle conversions? We’re here to help! Knitting needles come in a wide variety of sizes. From super-thin needles that look like toothpicks, up to super thick needles that can knit the chunkiest of projects, knowing the size of your knitting needle is important. There are many conventions for listing knitting needle sizes,…

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Beginner Tips for Successful Knitting

You’ve started knitting or are thinking of starting, congratulations! Knitting is a terrific activity that not only is fun and interesting but is proven to improve memory and mental clarity as well as gain you new friends who also love to knit. Maybe you have seen a sweater that you simply must have and want…

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4 Tips for Brioche Knitting

Just learning brioche knitting? Here are some tips and tricks to help you on your way. These tips are specifically for two-color brioche rib knitting. Brioche knitting creates a lovely, squishy, two-sided fabric. To do this, you work half the stitches on each row or round, while slipping every other stitch. The slipped stitches get…

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Top 5 Knitting Tips from the Experts

There are so many things to learn when it comes to knitting. With hundreds of ways to cast on and bind off, thousands of stitch patterns to choose from, and hundreds of thousands of patterns available to knit, it can all seem a little overwhelming. There are a multitude of tips and tricks out there…

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