Lacy Stitches: Feather & Fan, Mesh, Fishtail Video Download


Item: U6618U


This video download includes tutorials for three types of stitch patterns:

• The Fishtail Lace stitch pattern is an extremely popular stitch pattern that is often worked both as an allover lace pattern and as a lace panel. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work both forms of the Fishtail Lace stitch pattern.

• Mesh knitting stitch patterns are fun openwork lace patterns that are often worked over a small number of stitches and rows. In this video, lace knitter Jen Lucas demonstrates how to knit three of her favorite mesh stitch patterns: Simple Mesh, Irish Mesh, and Diagonal Openwork Mesh.

• Feather and fan stitch patterns, along with Old Shale knitting patterns, create a beautiful wave in your knitted fabric that’s perfect for scarves, shawls, and sweaters. In this video, lace knitter Jen Lucas demonstrates two common stitch patterns that you’re sure to fall in love with and will want to incorporate into your own projects!