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6 & 8 Stitch Cables

The Knitting Circle Editors
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Duration:   7  mins

Let’s take a look at two classic cables, one with six stitches and one with eight stitches. I am using a cable needle but you can check out this great video on knitting cables without a cable needle if you prefer. The C6B cable is set off by purl stitches. C6B means you will cable over 6 stitches (2 legs of 3 stitches each) and will hold your cable needle to the back of the work, causing the cable to twist right.

Conversely, the C6F is over the same number of stitches/legs but you will hold the cable needle in front of the work, and the cable will twist left. The 8 stitch cables are created in the same manner but with two legs of four stitches each. Notice how, without purl stitches between the two cables, you can get a completely different look!

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