Mary Beth Temple

Basic Intarsia

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   8  mins

Intarsia knitting is a way of doing colorwork, in which each section or block of color is knit with its own ball or bobbin of yarn. It is important to manipulate your yarns correctly when doing intarsia knitting, so that your color blocks don’t separate from youy main color work! Change colors by manipulating your yarn so that the twists always happen on the wrong side of your work, and be consistent in how you take hold of the next color – new under old for this example. There are lots of bobbins you can purchase at the store but one way to make a bobbin without any extra products is to winde a butterfly bobbin by winding yarn in a figure eight pattern between your index and middle finger, which you have spread apart. There are some instances in which you are making so few stitches in a given color that you will “float” your unused color across the back – but it is also ok to have more than one bobbin in the same color. For a cute pattern in intarsia knitting try this Color Block Intarsia Dishcloth.

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