Lorilee Beltman

Continental Knitting Techniques for Cables and Texture

Lorilee Beltman
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Duration:   21  mins

Explore rich textures such as cables to make your knitting pop! Lorilee Beltman guides you through cabling without using a cable needle or ever having to let go of your yarn. Then, discover some Gansey-style stitch patterns that are achieved by simply switching back and forth between knits and purls. When knit in Continental style, these patterns work up faster than ever!

Lorilee looks at several techniques using the Continental style of knitting. She looks at a stitch that increases several stitches from a single stitch and demonstrates how to keep the stitches loose and even. She then explores a couple different cable patterns, and how they can be completed by cabling without a cable needle. Lorilee also demonstrates the knit one below stitch and how to work a bobble.

When you’re knitting in the Continental style, she points out that it’s important to keep your hands open and loose. By doing so, you can see what you are doing and it’s easier to use your extra fingers as “helpers” when you need to work those more complicated stitches. Lorilee ends the video by discussing knit and purl texture patterns and demonstrates how to place markers on the needles to help you keep your place.

Cabled and Textured Swatch Patterns

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