Lorilee Beltman

Continental Knitting Techniques for Tunisian and Linen Stitches

Lorilee Beltman
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Duration:   19  mins

The beautiful Tunisian knit stitch is loaded with yarn overs and slipped stitches and knitting it Continental style lets you streamline all the steps! Find out how to knit this luscious texture with Lorilee Beltman. She shares the basics, then demonstrates a classic linen-stitch pattern in three colors.

The fabric for this particular stitch pattern has a diagonal stretchy bias, much like its Tunisian crochet counterpart. The fabric builds slowly as lots of yarn overs are added into the fabric, which contribute to the stretch. Lorilee notes that while working this stitch pattern it’s important to make sure that you check your fabric to ensure that it is staying flowy and fluid. Because you want a loose, drapey fabric, you’ll need to go a larger needle size than you would normally use for the yarn.

Once Lorilee demonstrates the basics, she also works a three color linen stitch. She discusses how to read the chart as well as how to manage the yarn while working with three colors. The video wraps up with Lorilee sharing some swatches and projects that use these interesting stitch patterns.

Tunisian and Linen Stitch Swatch Patterns

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