Lorilee Beltman

Continental Knitting Techniques for Mosaic Patterns

Lorilee Beltman
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Duration:   13  mins

Make mosaic stitches faster and more easily with Continental knitting! This classic colorwork style only knits one color at a time, slipping stitches after the yarn is brought forward or back. Lorilee Beltman will show you how to work it in Continental and help you troubleshoot along the way.

Lorilee looks at the mosaic charts along with the fabric she is creating to help explain how the mosaic charts are worked. She also takes a close look at technique and shares her tips for easily knitting this beautiful stitch patterns. She notes that the charts can look really complicated the first time you look at them, so she breaks the chart down for you, explaining in detail how the chart is worked. Most importantly, only one color is used in a round. You might be slipping a stitch of a different color, but you only have one working yarn that you are knitting with on any given row or round. You will use one color for two rows or rounds and then switch to the next color.

The video wraps up with Lorilee sharing how to read your knitting, so you don’t lose your place while working mosaic stitch patterns. She also shares a fun mosaic project where she used a self-striping skein of yarn that was split in half in order to make a very colorful and very unique project.

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Mosaic Swatch Pattern

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