Michele Lee Bernstein

Fixing Basic Yarn Over Mistakes

Michele Lee Bernstein
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Duration:   4  mins

For knitting projects that use lace stitch patterns, many knitters find it helpful to use stitch markers to keep track of stitch pattern repeats. The advantage to using stitch markers for these projects is that it makes it easier to find an error. The most common mistake in lace knitting is a missing yarn over. In this video, Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how to fix this mistake.


Michele’s swatch has an eyelet row that’s created by knitting two stitches together and then working a yarn over across the row. When she comes to the Wrong Side of the swatch, she begins purling the stitches. She reaches a point where a yarn over is missing. She adds the yarn over by taking her left knitting needle and dipping it under the strand between the two stitches where the yarn over should be. She works her needle from front to back to create the yarn over. The continues working in purl stitches to the end of the Wrong Side row.


She then begins working the Right Side row in knit stitches. She finds another error, this time the yarn over is missing two rows back on the eyelet row. To fix the error, she dips her left needle from front to back under the second strand between the stitches. Michele picks up the next strand and draws it through to create the knit stitch. The missing yarn over mistake has been corrected and she can continue with her knitting.

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