Mary Beth Temple

Knit A Triangle Bandana

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   11  mins

Knit a triangle bandana by learning this simple “recipe”! For a bandana you can follow along and work the ties and borders as you go so there is no finishing at the end, or, once you get the hang of the math, you can work a triangle as large as you want, eliminate the ties, and have a fabulous shawl!

For the knit triangle bandana shown, there are alternating sections of garter stitch and stockinette stitch but you can use either or both. And the math works with any weight yarn with an appropriate pair of knitting needles! Pattern: Cast on 3. Row 1 (RS, garter stitch method): Kfb, yo, k1, yo, kfb.

If desired, place a locking stitch marker on the center stitch but as you develop the pattern the central stitch is easy to see – it is set off by yarn overs. 7 sts Row 2 and remaining WS rows in garter stitch section: Knit. Row 3: Kfb, k to central st, yo, k1, yo, k to last st, kfb. +4 sts Row 4: Knit. Rep Rows 3 – 4 for pattern until work measures desired size. If you want to work in st st instead of garter, work the RS rows as written above but change the WS rows to K3, p across to last 3 sts, k3.

When work measures desired size, ending with a WS knit row for a nice garter stitch ridge even if you were working in st st, knit the ties and bind off as follows: Cable cast on 50 sts or to desired length of tie, bind off all cast-on sts and across the body of the bandana until one working st remains, pop that remaining stitch to the left hand needle, turn work, cast on 50 sts or the same number you did for the first tie, bind off all stitches and weave in the ends and you are all finished! If you need a little more information on the cable cast-on you can check out this video.

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