Mary Beth Temple

Knit 1 Below

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   2  mins

Knit one below is a technique used to create all kinds of interesting textured stitch patterns. It’s commonly used in the Fisherman’s Rib. In this video, Mary Beth Temple, shows you just how easy it is to work this stitch.


The knit 1 below is typically abbreviated as “k1b” in stitch patterns but be sure to check the abbreviations section of the knitting pattern you’re working, as some designers may use an alternative abbreviation.

To knit 1 below, follow these simple steps:

– With yarn in back, insert the right needle through the center of the stitch one row below the next stitch on the left needle
– Wrap yarn around right needle and pull through the stitch, making a new stitch on the right needle
– Drop stitch off the left needle
– New stitch has been created on the right needle

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