Corrina Ferguson

Knitting in the Round Using the Magic Loop Method

Corrina Ferguson
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Duration:   5  mins

There are so many ways to knit in the round. You can use double-pointed needles, a circular needle, two circular needles, or the magic loop method. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to knit in the round using the magic loop method. She focuses on working a sock, but this method can be used for any circular knitting project. It’s particularly useful for projects with a small circumference, making it the perfect way to knit socks and sleeves.

Corrina suggests using a long circular needle and a circular needle that is 40-inches in length is commonly used. You can, however, try to work the magic loop method with a shorter circular needle, but the stitches need to fit comfortably on the needle and should not be too stretched out. For some knitting projects, a 32-inch circular needle will also work for this form of knitting.

When working a project in magic loop, Corrina prefers to work the first couple of rows flat (back and forth in rows) and then join in the round. To join in the round for magic loop, divide your stitches in half. Gently fold the circular needle and begin to gently pull the cord out to make a loop. Arrange the needle so that the working yarn is to the back half of the stitches. Carefully push the front stitches up onto the needle. The back stitches will rest on the cord as the back needle is brought up to start knitting the stitches. As Corrina points out, the circular needle has made two loops, one on each side of the stitches being worked. The stitches are worked, and the needle is turned around and rearranged so the back stitches can be knit in the same manner.

One benefit to knitting socks using the magic loop method is that it is easy to work the steps of a sock that need to be worked back and forth in rows. The instep stitches can rest on the cord, while the stitches for the heel are worked in rows.

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