Michele Lee Bernstein

Putting Together Mitered Squares

Michele Lee Bernstein
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Duration:   6  mins

Mitered squares are so fun to knit and there are many ways to put them together into your project. In this video, Michele Lee Bernstein explores a couple ways to put the mitered squares together.

Michele begins by taking individual squares and discusses how to seam them together. They can be arranged so that all the decrease lines go in the same direction. They can also be worked in sets of 4 where the line of decreases points to the center of the square being made.

Another popular method for putting mitered squares together is joining them and knitting them together as you go. Michele demonstrates how to join them in this way. Her squares have 25 stitches total at the beginning. She casts on 12 stitches using the knitted cast on, and then picks up and knits 13 stitches along one side of a mitered square. This totals 25 stitches and she can begin working the new mitered square on a Wrong Side row. When joining the pieces in this way, Michele mentions that it’s important to consider which way you would like the line of decreases to go as you are picking up and knitting the stitches along the edge. Picking up and knitting along different edges will give you a different orientation for the double decrease line.

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