Mary Beth Temple

Ruffled Edging

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   3  mins

Knit ruffles are simple to make, although they do take up a lot of yarn! The more increased stitches you have for the base of your edging – 5 to 1 in the example shown – the more fullness your ruffle will have. The length of your knit ruffles also affect the fullness – the longer the ruffle, the less full it appears. To make the ruffle shown, you can either knit a few rows for a garter stitch base that you can sew on later, or you could pick up and knit a row from your knitted project. To get your knit ruffle started, work (k, yo, k, yo, k) in each stitch across. You can then work your ruffle in whatever stitch pattern you prefer, from stockinette to the fanciest lace stitch – you could even finish with a picot bind-off if you like!

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