Mary Beth Temple

Simple Scalloped Edging

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   4  mins

Let’s knit a scalloped knit edging! It is very easy to do and is knit flat in rows. You can adjust the stitch multiple however you like but in this case we used a multipe of 8 plus 1. Knit 2 rows to give yourself a garter stitch foundation, then knit four rows in stockinette stitch ending with a WS row. To knit the scallops using the math from our sample, knit 4, bring your right-hand needle tip top down over the work, then under the work and up to meet the left-hand needle tip, sl 1 st fron the left needle to the right needle, bring the right hand needle under the work, then over the work to meet the left hand needle again, slip your stitch back onto the left-hand needle, and knit it. Moving on, *knit 7, slip the next st the way we did previously from left needle to right needle and back again, then knit it. Rep from * across, knit remaining stitches. To finish your edging, knit 1 row, then bind off knitwise. This is a scalloped knit edging you are going to want to knit separately and then attach to your finished project. For a lacier knit edging try this one – the Sawtooth Lace Edging.

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