• 19:27

    Continental Knitting Techniques for Tunisian and Linen Stitches

    The beautiful Tunisian knit stitch is loaded with yarn overs and slipped stitches and knitting it Continental style lets you streamline all the steps! Find out how to knit this luscious texture with Lorilee Beltman. She shares the basics, then demonstrates a classic linen-stitch pattern in three colors. The fabric for this particular stitch pattern…

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  • 13:53

    Continental Knitting Techniques for Mosaic Patterns

    Make mosaic stitches faster and more easily with Continental knitting! This classic colorwork style only knits one color at a time, slipping stitches after the yarn is brought forward or back. Lorilee Beltman will show you how to work it in Continental and help you troubleshoot along the way. Lorilee looks at the mosaic charts…

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  • 10:55

    Reading a Cable Chart

    Cable knitting is such a fun technique, with thousands of patterns available to knit. Working cable patterns can be done with written instructions but learning to work from a chart is helpful for many knitters. In this video, cable knitting expert Jill Wright explains the basics for reading a cable chart. Jill shows an example…

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  • 2:58

    Chart Reading Basics

    Reading a chart doesn’t have to be difficult. In this video, Michele Lee Bernstein explains chart reading basics and shares several different kinds of charts. Michele begins by noting that all charts have a key that will explain what the symbols mean. Different designers will use different symbols, but the key will always tell you…

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  • 9:43

    Little Arrowhead Lace Stitch Pattern

    The Little Arrowhead Lace stitch pattern is a popular lace stitch pattern that is fun and easy to knit for beginning lace knitters and experienced lace knitters alike. In this video, Jen Lucas walks you through how to knit this stunning stitch pattern. LITTLE ARROWHEAD LACE The stitch pattern is worked over a multiple of…

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  • 7:46

    How to Read a Slipped Stitch Chart

    Slipped stitch knitting is a fun technique that adds colorwork into a project, with the benefit of only working with one color each row or round. There are so many slipped stitch patterns out there to knit and many of them are worked from charts. In this video, Corrina Ferguson discusses slipped stitch charts and…

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