• 14:42

    Better Garter Tab Cast On for Crescent Shawls

    The garter tab cast on is a popular technique used to start top-down shawl patterns. In this video, shawl expert Michele Lee Bernstein explains her method of making a better garter tab when working a top-down crescent shawl. Michele begins by showing several crescent shawl swatches. She notes that in some cases, a small but…

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  • 2:05

    Counting Rows in Garter Stitch

    Garter stitch is a simple, squishy fabric created by knitting every stitch, when working back and forth in rows. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to count rows when working garter stitch on your knitting projects. A defining feature of garter stitch is the purl bumps or ridges that are created by working…

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  • 8:21

    Exploring Gauge in Different Knitted Fabrics

    Gauge is a crucial consideration in any knitting project. In this video, Jill Wright explores different knitted fabrics and how working different stitch patterns affect the gauge of the fabric. Jill has several swatches to compare. They are: Stockinette stitch 1×1 (knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch) ribbing English rib Seed stitch Garter stitch Garter…

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  • 21:36

    Garter Stitch Three-Wedge Shawl

    Working from the top down is a popular method for knitting shawls. The three-wedge shawl shape provides both versatility and warmth. It’s also simple to knit. In this video, designer Jen Lucas shares a recipe-style pattern for how to knit a top-down three-wedge garter stitch shawl. SUPPLIES This shawl can be knit in any weight…

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  • 4:32

    Garter Stitch Versus Stockinette Stitch

    Two basic knit fabrics are garter stitch and Stockinette stitch. They are the basis for thousands of stitch patterns and are also used on their own to create a beautiful fabric. In this video, Jen Lucas explores garter stitch and Stockinette stitch fabric. Garter stitch fabric is created by knitting the stitches on both the…

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  • 9:06

    Half Pi Shawl Math Basics

    Designing a half pi shawl is a great way to begin your shawl design journey. In this video, shawl designer Michele Lee Bernstein explains half pi shawl basics so you can design a half pi shawl of your own that is uniquely yours. Pi shawls were invented by Elizabeth Zimmermann and are a fun way…

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  • 3:53

    How to Work Garter Stitch

    Garter stitch is a simple, squishy fabric created by knitting every stitch, when working back and forth in rows. Knitting expert Jen Lucas shows you how to work garter stitch in this video. She demonstrates how to create the stitch pattern when working flat in rows. When taking a close look at the garter stitch…

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  • 2:55

    How to Work Garter Stitch in Rounds

    Garter stitch is a basic, beautiful fabric that is created by working all the stitches as knit stitches, when working back and forth in rows. What about knitting garter stitch in the round? In this video, knitting expert Jen Lucas shows you just how easy it is to work garter stitch when circular knitting. KNIT…

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  • 6:38

    How to Work Garter Stitch Ribbing

    The garter stitch rib pattern is a textured stitch pattern that is perfect for creating items such as a knitted hat or scarf. This particular stitch pattern gives you a visual ribbed look, but doesn’t quite have the same elasticity as a traditional ribbed pattern, such as knit two, purl two (K2, P2) ribbing. Knitting…

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