• 3:25

    How to Work Twisted Ribbing

    Twisted ribbing is a variation of 1×1 ribbing (knit one stitch, purl one stitch). With this variation, some or all of the stitches are worked through the back loop to twist the stitches. In this video, knitting expert Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to work twisted ribbing. Corrina begins by comparing three swatches of 1×1 ribbing.…

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  • 13:33

    Thrum Basics

    Thrum knitting is an interesting technique where tufts of fiber are added to knitted fabric. Adding the fiber creates a great deal of warmth, making it the perfect technique for projects like hats and slippers. Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how to make thrums and work them into a project in this video. Michele begins by…

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  • 18:21

    How to Knit a Two-Color Slipped Stitch Hat

    The Nepeta Hat is a beautiful, slipped stitch hat that you can find in the shop here at The Knitting Circle. In this video, the designer of the hat, Corrina Ferguson, demonstrates the important steps on how to knit this project. CAST ON AND BRIM To begin, Corrina discusses different methods for knitting hats in…

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