• 5:09

    Decorative I-Cord Bind Off

    When it comes time to complete a knitting project, the last thing to do is bind off. There are many ways to bind off your knitting, from simple and functional to delicate and decorative. In this video, knitting expert Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates a bind off technique that is both functional and decorative. She explains…

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  • 7:26

    I-Cord Cast On

    The first step to any knitting project is to cast on for the piece. There are many different types of cast on methods, some being functional and some more decorative. In this video, Mary Beth Temple explains how to work a beautiful, decorative I-cord cast on. To begin, Mary Beth casts on 4 stitches using…

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  • 4:41

    How to Knit I-Cord

    An i-cord is a tube of knitted fabric that’s created by working a small number of stitches on double-pointed needles or a short circular needle. In this video, knitting expert Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how easy it is to create this fun knitting detail. In general, three stitches are cast on to create the i-cord, which…

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  • 3:58

    Knitting an I-Cord Edge for Shawls or Scarves

    An I-Cord edging is a beautiful detail on any knitting project. In this video, knitting expert Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how to work an i-cord edging at the beginning and end of the row, making it the perfect technique for scarves and side-to-side shawls. This edging requires three stitches at the beginning of the row…

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