• 14:31

    What’s in Your Notions Bag?

    Knitting notions are all those tiny items you need to finish your project. It includes tapestry needles and stitch markers, but there are many more things you might find helpful for completing your knitting project. In this video, Jen Lucas shows you everything she likes to carry around in her notions box. Jen starts by…

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  • 10:02

    Fixing a Mis-Crossed Cable

    Cable knitting is a fun technique that can be used in all kinds of projects. Sometimes when knitting cables, a mistake happens, and a cable is worked the wrong way. In this video, Jill Wright explains how to fix mis-crossed cables by fixing C4F (cable 4 front) and C4B (cable 4 back) cables. To fix…

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  • 7:34

    Japanese Short Rows

    There are several methods to work short rows into your knitting projects. In this video, Mary Beth Temple explains how to work Japanese Short Rows. Mary Beth is working on a swatch of Stockinette stitch (knit on Right Side/purl on Wrong Side). She notes that a knitting pattern will tell you where to place the…

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  • 10:25

    Knitting Mitered Squares

    Knitting mitered squares is the perfect “potato chip knitting” project. They are so fun to knit, it’s almost impossible to knit just one. These squares can be joined together as you go or seamed together once all the squares are complete. In this video, knitting expert Michele Lee Bernstein shows you just how fun and…

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  • 2:58

    Slipping a Marker When Knitting

    Stitch markers are used in knitting to help you keep track of your work for a variety of reasons. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates for you just how simple it is to slip your stitch markers as you come to them. A few reasons stitch markers might be used in your knitting: – Beginning…

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  • 5:28

    Extra Tools for Knitting: Stitch Markers

    Once you’ve learned the knitting basics, there are a few extra tools that you’ll need to complete your projects. In this video, Jen Lucas discusses different types of stitch markers, and how and when you would use them. The three most common types of stitch markers are: – Locking stitch markers – Closed ring stitch…

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