• 18:59

    Mosaic Knitting: Working in Stockinette Stitch

    Slipped stitch knitting is a fun technique to incorporate multiple colors into your knitting projects while only working one color at a time. The mosaic knitting technique was first created by Barbara Walker in the 1970s. The stitch patterns are created by using two colors of yarn, switching yarn every two rows. Because the mosaic…

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  • 4:07

    Purl Ridge Stitch

    The Purl Ridge Stitch is a simple stitch pattern that features a ridge of purl stitches on a background of Stockinette stitch. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work this stitch pattern. The stitch pattern can be worked on any number of stitches, as the rows are either all knits or all purls.…

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  • 2:52

    Knit Stitch versus Purl Stitch

    Being able to read your knitting is an important tool to have in your knitter’s toolbox. In this video, knitting expert Michele Lee Bernstein explains how to tell the difference between knit stitches and purl stitches. Knit stitches look like smooth “Vs” and purl stitches look like small bumps. Michele explains her method of remembering…

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  • 3:49

    Choosing Your Knitting Needle: Sizes of Needles

    Knitting needles come in many different sizes. In this video, knitting expert Jill Wright shares her needle knowledge with you to give you an overview on choosing the right knitting needle for your project. When starting a knitting project, the pattern will list the gauge needed to make the piece. The gauge is particularly important…

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  • 3:31

    Counting Rows in Stockinette Stitch

    Stockinette stitch is a knitted fabric that’s created by working knit stitches on the right side and purl stitches on the wrong side, when working back in forth in rows. In this video, knitting expert Mary Beth Temple explains how to count rows in Stockinette stitch. FROM THE RIGHT SIDE Looking at Stockinette stitch from…

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  • 8:21

    Exploring Gauge in Different Knitted Fabrics

    Gauge is a crucial consideration in any knitting project. In this video, Jill Wright explores different knitted fabrics and how working different stitch patterns affect the gauge of the fabric. Jill has several swatches to compare. They are: Stockinette stitch 1×1 (knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch) ribbing English rib Seed stitch Garter stitch Garter…

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  • 2:54

    How to Work Reverse Stockinette Stitch in Rounds

    Reverse Stockinette stitch is a fabric that has the purl ridges or bumps of Stockinette stitch showing on the right side of the work. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work Reverse Stockinette stitch in the round. When working back in forth in rows, Reverse Stockinette stitch is created by purling all the…

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  • 4:57

    Picking Up a Dropped Stitch in Stockinette Stitch

    Dropping a stitch in your knitting project doesn’t have to be scary. In this video, Mary Beth Temple shows you just how easy it is to pick up and fix a dropped stitch in Stockinette stitch. USE A CROCHET HOOK While a dropped stitch can be repaired with the tips of your knitting needles, it’s…

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  • 5:03

    English Knitting (Throwing)

    There are many ways to hold and tension the yarn when knitting. The English (or throwing) knitting method is a common way to knit where the yarn is held in the right hand. In this video, knitting expert Mary Beth Temple shows you how to knit using the English method and shares her expertise on…

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