• 6:29

    Bamboo Stitch

    Bamboo Stitch is an interesting stitch pattern that uses yarn overs to create wraps or bars over the knit stitches. In this video, Jen Lucas explains this stitch patterns and shows you just how easy it is work into your next knitting project. This stitch pattern is worked over a multiple of 2 stitches, or…

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  • 10:52

    Basketweave Stitch

    The Basketweave Stitch is a lovely stitch pattern that uses only knits and purls to create a fabric that looks woven like a basket. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to knit this stitch pattern. Jen begins by showing a swatch of Basketweave Stitch fabric, noting that the “weave” is created by knitting different-sized…

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  • 4:55

    Beehive Stitch

    The Beehive Stitch is a beautiful textured stitch pattern that is created using knit stitches paired with knit one below stitches. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to knit the Beehive Stitch. This stitch pattern can be worked in one color or in two colors. For the swatch worked in the video, Mary…

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  • 3:16

    Bramble Stitch

    The Bramble Stitch goes by many names: Trinity Stitch, Cluster Stitch, or Raspberry Stitch. No matter what you call it, it’s a beautiful, lacy pattern that’s perfect for shawls and scarves. In this video, Corrina Ferguson explains how to go about working the Bramble Stitch. Corrina begins by showing a finished swatch of the lace.…

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  • 5:43

    Exploring Advanced Cables

    With thousands of cable knitting patterns to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to begin. In this video, cable knitting expert Jill Wright looks at several cable swatches and discusses their features. Jill starts by looking at the basic 4-stitch cables, C4F (cable 4 front) and C4B (cable 4 back). She notes…

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  • 15:24

    Garter Checkerboard Pattern

    The Garter Checkerboard Stitch Pattern is a textured stitch pattern that uses only knit stitches and purl stitches. This stitch pattern is fun to work into any knitting project, including cowls and hats. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to knit this stitch pattern. The stitch pattern is created by working sections of Stockinette…

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  • 6:47

    Half Linen Stitch

    The half linen stitch is a variation of the traditional linen stitch pattern. It’s worked over four rows instead of two, giving the fabric a little more drape than the traditional pattern. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work the half linen stitch. To begin, Jen compares a swatch of half linen stitch…

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  • 9:12

    How to Knit the Linen Stitch

    Linen stitch is created using slipped stitches along with knits and purls. Unlike many other knitted fabrics, the linen stitch fabric creates a firm fabric that doesn’t curl. This feature makes it a great choice for items like scarves and wraps. In this video, Jen Lucas explains how to knit the linen stitch both flat…

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  • 4:32

    How to Work the Andalusian Stitch

    There are thousands of stitch patterns that can be worked into your knitting. The Andalusian stitch is a simple textured pattern that can be used for a many different types of projects. You might find this stitch pattern used in baby blankets for beginners, socks, hats, and so much more. Knitting expert Mary Beth Temple…

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