• 5:59

    Yarnover Short Rows

    Short rows can be used in a variety of knitting projects. Commonly used for sock heels or shaping sweaters, there are many different methods you can use to create the short rows. In this video, knitting expert Mary Beth Temple explains how to work yarn over short rows. Yarn over short rows are surprisingly easy…

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  • 6:38

    Beyond the Yarn Over: Interesting Increases

    Knowing how to increase your stitch count in knitting is an important skill. There are so many increases to learn, and in this video, Corrina Ferguson will demonstrate a few of the more interesting increases that you can incorporate into your knitting projects. DOUBLE INCREASES A double increase is worked by taking one stitch and…

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  • 4:32

    Fixing Basic Yarn Over Mistakes

    For knitting projects that use lace stitch patterns, many knitters find it helpful to use stitch markers to keep track of stitch pattern repeats. The advantage to using stitch markers for these projects is that it makes it easier to find an error. The most common mistake in lace knitting is a missing yarn over.…

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