Best of TKC

Welcome to the Best of TKC! Here you’ll discover a collection of our top professional tips, tutorials, and patterns available exclusively to GOLD members. Unlock the secrets of knitting mastery with these past LIVE video tutorials by expert knitter Jen Lucas. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, there’s always something new to learn. Just click on any thumbnail below to start watching, and bookmark this page to access these videos any time!

Part 1

Adding a Lace Border to Your Knitting

Part 2

Textured Rib Hat

Part 3

Let’s Talk Cable Knitting

Part 4

Raglan Sweater Ornament

Part 5

Fancy Starts for Your Knitting

Part 6

Four Fun Four-Row Stitch Patterns

Part 7

Dahlia Slouchy Hat

Part 8

Let’s Knit Stripes!

Part 9

Three Top-Down Shawl Shapes

Part 10

Endeavor Cowl

Part 11

Fabulous Finishes

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