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46 Responses to “Show Us Your Project”

  1. Bernadette Tibbo

    Very pretty 💕

  2. Stephanie


  3. Marina Storm

    I love this new design! The Boucle yarn held double makes it so squishy! It is fun, very quick and ideal for beginners! The braids at the end are also very funny to make!

  4. Pam

    My first unicorn for a friends grandchild who collects them.

  5. Vanda

    I love this

  6. Joyce

    I love making this blanket. This is my4th one

  7. Simonne Van Vaerenberg

    Amazing. Very nice.

  8. Grace Alexander

    Enjoyed knitting Roseroot pattern so much I knitted it four times.

  9. Grace Alexander

    Knitting is my passion.

  10. maria rosa costa

    Not perfect, but she likes it!