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      Hi Marlene!
      Here is what our expert had to say:
      There are lots of stitch patterns that can be considered lattice lace. There are lots of great patterns you can find online. We don’t have any lattice videos on The Knitting Circle yet, but that’s something we can explore in the future! You can find all our lace videos here:

      Let us know if more questions come up!
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  1. Patty

    Hi there! I’m new to this site and enjoy seeing all the wonderful projects displayed. Here is my latest baby blanket. The pattern is fun and easy!

  2. Suzanne Joyner
    Suzanne Joyner

    Please show this stitch sometime in the near future. Is this pattern available to buy?

  3. Lyn

    Looking for patterns or children’s knots to buy
    I’d love the pattern to the green beret

  4. Rebecca Hickey
    Rebecca Hickey

    I was unable to proof read and complete my comments before it uploaded. The scarf was knit using garter stitch and short rows to create the miters. The headband was knit using double stockinette stitch. Very simple to complete the twist with a small amount of hand sewing.

  5. Debbie

    Sylvie Robert, just wondering if you have a pattern for the hat you’re willing to share?! It’s adorable!!!