The Knitting Circle Mystery Knit Along: Yarn Requirements

We’re so excited to knit with you! The Knitting Circle is hosting a free Mystery Knit Along over the course of three weeks. Each week, new instructions will be released until the project is finished. Still need to sign up to get the weekly instructions in your inbox? Sign up here!

This pattern was created by Managing Editor of The Knitting Circle, Jen Lucas. Jen has been knitting for almost 20 years and designing patterns for over a decade. She has designed knit and crochet patterns for yarn companies and magazines and has self-published dozens of patterns.

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Mystery Knit Along Yarn Requirements
Mystery Knit Along Week 1
Mystery Knit Along Week 2
Mystery Knit Along Week 3


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119 Responses to “The Knitting Circle Mystery Knit Along: Yarn Requirements”

  1. Penny Smith

    I made this shawl with you in 2021, but my gauge was wrong and it was too small. I have the printed instructions but not the page with yarn requirements and gauge test. Can you provide that to me? Thank you

  2. Laurie

    Looking forward to it

  3. Nancy Eicks

    Thank you

  4. Gina parzer

    First time joiner


    i joined last week , went out bought the yarn, . now looking for the instructions????

  6. Rachael Reddick

    Looking forward to learning

  7. Mary Zastrow

    I have completed the 'Mystery' shawl. I used "alize" Microfiber Acrylic. Your last instruction for finishing is ti Block the shawl to finished size. HOW DO I BLOCK AN ALL ACRYLIC ITEM? Thanks! Mary Z.

  8. Debbie KLinger

    Looking forward to the project

  9. Pamela

    </strong> I have started the mystery knit this week and am not a proficient knitter. I was wondering how most people attack Chart A do they keep cutting the yarn at the end of every two rows or carry the colour not used up the side or how do they do this. Thanks for the help

  10. Cathie Place

    Excited to start