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Toasty Tootsies (Machine Knitting) pedicure socks


Item: U6196F


Nothing makes tired, dry winter feet feel better than a pedicure….. and nothing is colder than slipping on a pair of flip flops in 30 degree weather to protect the tacky polish. Pedicure socks are the perfect solution and the ones you make yourself are bound to be more interesting than the plain cotton pedi-socks you can buy. I’ve written this pattern for two sizes, but if vou follow the directions for sizing socks in Tips & Techniques #37 you can knit them in any size you want. These socks are fun to knit and practical to wear. Knitting them will give you lots of experience using the garter bar and you’ll also learn to knit clean, crisp garter bar stripes with no “dotted” edges.