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Crochet Edgings on Knit

The Knitting Circle Editors
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Duration:   13  mins

Working crochet edgings on knit squares makes them super easy to sew together into blankets or garments but there is a little bit of math involved! Let’s learn the math formula and then try out a simple, tailored edging. The block in the video is 6″ square, and the crochet gauge was 10 single crochet to four inches – crochet row height is not important!

We then need 15 sc on each side (the 4″ count x 1.5 to get to my 6″ square) and we need three sc in each corner so the square lays flat. The stitch pattern for the edging is Rnd 1: Single Crochet as the video instructs, join rnd with a slip stitch in the first sc. Rnd 2: Ch 2, hdc in each sc around working 3 hdc in each corner sc. Join rnd with sl st in top of beginning chain-2, ch 2, turn, Rnd 3: Hdc in each hdc around, working in the 3rd or horizontal bar and placing 3 hdc in each corner. Join rnd with sl st in top of beginning chain-2. End off.

If you want to try putting a single crochet edging on a garter stitch square, check this video out! You can make the tailored edging shown on this video there as well!

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