Jen Lucas

Crocheting a Border Onto Garter Stitch Projects

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   16  mins

Have you ever tried to crochet a border onto your garter stitch projects? It leaves a neat, uniform edging, and even if you are not an expert crocheter it is simple to achieve. Jen Lucas is using the same size crochet hook in millimeters as the knitting needle she used for her swatch, but recommends going down a size if it makes it easier for you to get your crochet hook into the knit stitches. Insert your hook into the top right corner of your project and draw up a loop to connect the yarn.

To single crochet, insert your hook in the next stitch, yarn over from right to left, draw that yarn over through the work, you will have 2 loops on your hook, yarn over from right to left and draw that yarn over through the 2 loops on your hook. You can now single crochet across to the next corner. At each corner you will crochet three single crochet in the same stitch in order to turn the corner and enable it to lay flat.

When working a crochet border into your garter stitch project along the side edges, you can single crochet between each garter stitch ridge, inserting your hook under two strands for durability. Crochet is also easy to pull out – if you work is ruffling or stretching out you need fewer stitches per side, so you can rip out and try again. If your work is tight or curling up on itself, you need to rip back and add a few stitches per side or at the corner.

Continue on as you started – the cast-on edge will be worked the same was at the bound off edge, and the two sides will be worked the same. While not shown in this video it’s best, when you get back to the stitch where you started, to work two single crochets in the same corner where you worked the first single crochet for a total of three single crochet in that corner, join the round to the first single crochet with a slip stitch, and end off.

Experiment with crocheting a border on your garter stitch projects in matching yarn or contrasting yarn – you will be amazed at the different looks you can achieve! For more information on garter stitch knitting, check out this additional video from Jen!

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