How to Work Garter Stitch

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Duration: 3:53

Garter stitch is a simple, squishy fabric created by knitting every stitch, when working back and forth in rows. Knitting expert Jen Lucas shows you how to work garter stitch in this video. She demonstrates how to create the stitch pattern when working flat in rows.

When taking a close look at the garter stitch fabric, you can see that there are smooth knit stitches, as well as purl bumps, on both sides. This texture is created by working knit stitches on both the right side and the wrong side of the fabric.


Since garter stitch creates a fabric that is cozy and squishy, it’s the perfect stitch pattern to use on a wide variety of projects. Garter stitch is perfect for:

– Baby blankets
– Dishcloths
– Scarves

Whether working garter stitch in rows, as demonstrated here, or in the round, it’s the perfect stitch pattern for your next project!

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